I’ll have my soda and drink it too

Okay, there’s a lot going on in this photo. First off, yes, that is a hanging sign of a hen that has just popped out, to her horror, an ugly, wrinkled egg. This sign is the sign they use to try and attract tourists that drive by. “Honey, there’s a painting of a hen with an ugly egg over there!” “Really? You think they have good gifts for the kids?”

I dunno what to tell you, it’s a small town.

Two of my favorite phrases are below. 1) Good Food (yum! where??)  2) Life is Good. I know, I know, “Life is Good” is a corporate company that probably makes their clothes by employing underage kittens and isn’t just a random affirmation, but it makes me smile nonetheless.

Then of course, you have the beautiful Coke sign. Even if you’re a Pepsi person, this sign has to pull at the nostalgia strings a bit.

Not doing it for you? What about this one:

I realize that this is a billboard size advertisement for a company that many believe is on a mission to make all of our kids fat and unhappy, but nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite artworks in Hendersonville. The design hasn’t changed one iota from the classis coke artwork, they haven’t tried to jazz it up with different fonts or cartoon characters. It has been repainted, which makes you feel like you’ve just stepped back in time for a second and are living in a place where kids were out all day without calling their moms and bought candy for a penny.

Love, love, love this. It makes me happy on the inside.

It does not, however, prevent me from buying an A&W. Sorry, Coke.

Baby Charlie

“You need to learn how to hold a baby and glass of wine at the same time.” This is what my Aunt Sara tells me while visiting with me cousin’s brand new baby, Charlie. It’s her way of saying that A) Chase and I need to get moving on the baby bandwagon and B) being a mom is no excuse for not loosening up a bit.

But truth be told, even without wine, my cousin-in-law Erin looks like she’s doing just fine. In the time I was there I witnessed multiple crying fits from little Charlie, and one huge meltdown from his big brother Mo, all of which she reacted to with the utmost calm and laid-back demeanor.  I, on the other hand, have had less composure while trying to find a decent radio station.

I (and especially Chase) would like to believe that I will be just like her when I become  a mom, but it’s probably safe to assume no such miracle will happen. I would expect there to be more worrying, anxiousness and mood swings. However, until that happens I will continue to perfect my wine glass holding skills. I’ll probably need them more than she will.

And despite all the worries the family may have had, little Mo looks he like has taken quite naturally to being a big brother.

Well, most of the time.

Strawberry Pie

Since I’m going to be spending the summer in North Carolina instead of Los Angeles this year, I thought it important to prioritize a list of things to accomplish while I’m here. In the next 3 months, I need to:

1. Float down a river in an inner tube. Preferably with a cold drink in my hand.

2. Go on an afternoon hike and see at least 1 waterfall.

3. Drink sweet tea until I feel sick.

4. Go to an outdoor concert. Preferably on a warm, muggy night. If someone hands me a cold beer while this is happening, I won’t turn it down.

5. Splurge on a ridiculously nice dinner with my husband.(I can do this anywhere but it still needs to happen in the near future)

6. Go to Saluda’s Coon Dog Day Festival. Seriously people, you just don’t find these kinds of things in CA.

7. Eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast. At least 5 times.

8. Sit on my parent’s front porch and read a book.

9. Spend the day at a small mountain town I’ve never visited before.

10. Make a strawberry pie and eat it within 24 hours. Check!

Well, I have one down and a mere 9 more items to go. If you want to add any of these to your summer list, please feel free. Except #8. That might be weird. But this strawberry pie is something that you absolutely need to make happen. Strawberries, sugar, a pinch of corn starch, and pie crust. And if you want to omit that last ingredient and just spoon this over ice cream, that works just fine too.

What’s on your to-do list for the summer?

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Wet Dog

Normally, I live in  in Los Angeles, but for this summer I was offered a job in Asheville, NC and jumped at the chance to be in my hometown for a few months. Instead of leaving our dog, Honey, in LA with Chase where she would probably spend most of her time lounging on our couch alone in the apartment, I made the decision to drive across the country so she could come with me. If at any point I had questioned my decision to do so, it was erased completely when I took her over to my grandmother’s property to visit her backyard pond. For a good 10 minutes all Honey could think to do was run. Everywhere, all at once. She would run in one direction until she almost ran into things, and since that worked out so well she immediately would turn and do the same thing in another direction.

Then, to prove how impressive of a canine specimen she is, Honey spent a few minutes leaping over random objects that could have easily been avoided.

And then, oh heavens, she finally gave some attention to the pond.

This is her swimming for no particular reason. Not because I threw a stick, or she was chasing ducks, but because swimming in a pond just feels awesome.

Honey is not realizing at this moment that she will undoubtedly be getting a bath later, but I don’t think she cares.

Button Bouquet

Welcome to my blog! I have to say, I debated long and hard about what to do for a first post, to the point that I thought this little project might never happen if I couldn’t at least get it started. At long last, I finally decided to show you the gift I got my Mom for Mother’s Day. This button bouquet by the Button Florist that I found in Asheville is simple, beautiful, and full of whimsy. Which is exactly what I hope Pink Basil will be. Thanks for stopping by.