Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad

These brussels sprouts have been a while in the making. For our anniversary Chase and I went to a Mediterranean tapas place in Hollywood called Cleo. I had read a few reviews and mysteriously they all mentioned the brussels sprouts, so even though just saying those words out loud make Chase cringe, we decided to give them a try.

Picture this: Chase and I are innocently eating lamb sliders (him) and tuna sashimi (me) when a bowl of flaky brussels sprouts are placed between us. We pause from our food for a moment to give them the obligatory taste. Then we SHOVE ASIDE what we were originally eating because HOLY GOODNESS these are good and I do NOT want to share anymore!

That happened. True story.

Don't pile up your leaves like I did with this batch! Spread them thinner!

So, I had to give these a try at home. After quite a few burned batches (watch them carefully when baking!) I’ve come pretty close to something almost as good as what we ate. I say “almost” because I’m 99% sure at this point that Cleo fries their sprout leaves, which produces a more uniform crispness, but for an oven-baked dish this is pretty outstanding. Outstanding enough that Chase is happy to eat brussels sprouts at home (miracle!) and I find I still really, really, don’t like sharing.

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Okay, I’m back! I took a bit of a mental vacation, meaning that I didn’t actually go anywhere and I was still going to work, but I sort of cleared my head from anything that wasn’t totally imperative for a few days. Basically, if it didn’t feed me, keep me clean or keep me from getting fired, I haven’t dealt with it in the last week. This was necessary or otherwise I would have subjected you to to some really downer posts. No bueno.

Until I get an actual post with more than 3 sentences put together, please enjoy this video, which will visually represent how I’ve been feeling, only in a much funnier way:

Tortellini Soup

I go through a completely frivolous shame spiral whenever holidays roll around and I have to figure out what to blog about. I feel like if I was a good blogger I would make all my favorite holiday recipes a week or two in advance, so I could then blog about them BEFOREHAND and enable other people to make these dishes for their own holiday meals. And then my recipe would be featured on other websites as a “Must-Try” for whatever holiday is coming up, and people would leave me comments like “This looks amazing and is going to be a family tradition from now on! My great-grandchildren will forever be thankful that you posted your broccoli casserole recipe!”

And then…I would totally make them again for the actual event and not complain that I JUST MADE THIS and don’t want leftovers ANYMORE. But the truth is I just want to make those recipes once a year, and eat them on the real day, and honestly I sort of don’t want to be fooling with my camera while it’s happening.

This has led me to 2 conclusions:

1) I will probably never make a living off of this blog since the effort of cooking a recipe TWICE is more than I’m willing to put in.

2) Having a blog causes you to be very self absorbed. I mean, who gives a f@ck what I’m making for the holidays? Is anyone’s life really going to be upset because I didn’t post a casserole recipe the Monday before Thanksgiving?

If anyone answers “Yes” to question 2, I advise that you step away from the computer. Then throw rocks at it.

So hey, here’s what I actually made this past weekend. Tortellini soup! It is super easy to make and really great on a cold winter today. Or when you’re tired of eating turkey and sweet potatoes.

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There are few things I love more than brunch, pretty much because it’s one of the only times when it’s appropriate to say “Why yes, I would love some alcohol with my breakfast.”

This lovely spread was had at Olive & Thyme. When I took these photos I told my friend “Man, I must look SO COOL taking photos of my food, since everyone will know I HAVE BLOG and because NO ONE IN LOS ANGELES has a blog, right?”

These are they times I wish someone had invented a sarcasm font.

In case you’re not from here – everyone in Los Angeles AND their sister AND their unborn baby has a blog. Cause we are all REALLY AWESOME over here. Duh.

Italian Style Baked Spaghetti Squash

I have been eating spaghetti squash like a madwoman the last couple of weeks since it gives me the same satisfaction of eating pasta, only I don’t feel like a big heavy dough ball afterward. Not that feeling like a dough ball has ever stopped me from eating anything, but it’s nice actually walk to bed at night instead of having to roll there on my protruding belly. At least, that’s how it feels.

But, it would be far too easy for me to just eat that and be happy, right? Of course I had to go pile on a bunch of cheese.

BTW – my mantra in life has become, “When in doubt, just add cheese.”

Or maybe it’s “Champagne is appropriate at any time”.

It could also be “Nutella makes everything better”.

This is probably how T-shirt companies get started, right?

How about: “Spaghetti squash: Pasta that you can eat and not feel like a fatty, unless you put a bunch of cheese on it, but melted mozzarella is totally worth the extra calories and shouldn’t bum you out.”

Okay, I’m gonna work on that one. But in the meantime, get on this.

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Rainy LA

I wanted to post this for anyone who has doubts as to whether or not it actually rains in Los Angeles. This was taken shortly after I was cat-called by some guy in a pickup truck, leading me to believe that either:

A) Even in full rain gear, complete with bulky rain coat and boots I am still DEAD SEXY


B) That guy is a total loser.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree on which one is true.

Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese Crostini

I’m gonna admit that it was taking me every ounce of my willpower not to write about Kim Kardashian today. (I obviously failed miserably) And you know what makes me maddest? That I EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS. The fact that I heard they were getting a divorce and thought “wait, didn’t she just get married?” infuriates me. Why do I know this?? I don’t even read Perez Hilton! Okay…my nose might have grown just a bit there, but I definitely do not read it enough that I should be aware of wedding dates from people whose claim to fame is that they’re famous. Uggh. Ugh.

You know what I do NOT know? The names of the senators for California. These are sad, sad facts people.

Another sad fact is that I’m apparently in the midst of a food rut, since I seem to be stuck on either A) Making crostini with anything I find in my kitchen or B) Putting caramelized onions on everything I can. It was only a matter of time before this creation had to happen.

Since I am making a resolution to free up more of my brain for important things, this recipe is perfect since it’s so easy there’s no need to memorize the steps and I can eat it as a snack while I sit on the couch watching Real Housewives C-Span. Thank you for not judging me.

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