Real Life Vs. Melodrama

Yesterday morning Chase woke up before me, got out of bed and left the bedroom. He didn’t say good morning or give me a kiss. He didn’t linger to cuddle like we normally do on a weekend.

I proceeded to break down in my head all the reasons why he might be mad at me and/or how this was the beginning of the end of our happy marriage. I figured this must be how it starts – soon we would just be passing each other at home like two strangers.

I got up, dejected, and went to take a shower. And then Chase came rushing into the bathroom to say I couldn’t take a shower right now.

Me: Why?

Chase: You just can’t.

Me: Just tell me why…

Chase: Ummm…I got up early to make you breakfast in bed and it’s almost ready.

So yeah….

Real life: 419

Melodrama that I invented in my head: 0

And this is why I shouldn’t have free time

On Valentines’ day I stumbled upon this, which is the first video that I became obsessed with on the internet. (I almost typed that I found it on YouTube, but this is WAY before that. My future kids are gonna think I AM SO OLD one day.) (Also – YouTube won’t let me embed it…if you want to see awesomeness you’ll have to click the link.)

If you aren’t even a little entertained by The Hamster Dance, you obviously were not in middle school during the 90s. It’s also possible you’re not female.

I then fell into a hole of wanting to relive every video that friends and I laughed over in college. Most of which were on the Weebls website, which I overdosed on in 2005 and haven’t visited since, so I’m officially off the wagon.

The video below is another extremely annoying, utter nonsense of a song that I could not stop watching. (I apologize in advance if you get this song stuck in your head. Also if people look at you strangely when you randomly start chanting “Mushroom! Mushroom!”)

And of course…anyone that has seen the Badger video has to remember this gem:

And since I’m sure you’re wondering, “Kenya” was totally made into a live action video. And the only reason you don’t see me in it is because those bastards thought of it first. Which is really unfortunate because there aren’t a lot of other excuses I can think of to dance around in a lion costume. (insert obvious perverted sex joke here –  soooo not happening)

And after watching this I was all like, “Why didn’t anyone make a live action video of the Badger video? That would be awesome!


Maybe someone did make the video…”

And I wasted a good hour on YouTube. And life was good. And I realized that in order to be productive I need to disconnect the power to all my electronics.

Sun-dried Tomato, Mozzarella and Arugula Panini

Can I be honest for a second? I hate grilled vegetable sandwiches. Partly because it is the token vegetarian option on every lunch menu, and mostly because there is nothing appealing to me about a random mix of mushy grilled vegetables smothered in goat cheese. And there is always goat cheese. Apparently someone sent out a memo to the meat eating world that “All vegetable eaters love goat cheese. Please put it on everything or they’ll just cry from disappointment.” Which has only resulted in people like me rolling their eyes whenever they see it on the menu. I’m down with goat cheese, but stop spreading it on my sandwiches. I’d prefer if you mixed it into my grits. Please and thank you.

The other vegetarian standby, a Caprese sandwich, is one of my favorites but even that gets old after the millionth time, which is why I try to make things a little more interesting when I’m at home. This is a fun take on a Caprese, with peppery arugula substituted for the sweet basil and a sun-dried tomato walnut pesto filling in the place of a fresh tomatoes (this also makes it something you can make year round and it will still be delicious).

Grilled vegetable sandwiches = bad

Panini w/ cheese, sun-dried tomatoes & arugula = good


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Organize by Color

Bookshelf - Before

If you’re like me, you have a book shelf that looks like this. It’s a total mess – books are  thrown on there haphazardly and some aren’t even books to begin with but this is the only place you have to put stuff so that’s where they ended up. And every day when you sit on your couch facing said bookshelf it kind of annoys you that it doesn’t look organized. And this goes on for years, just sitting and being slightly annoyed but not really knowing how to change it. Yeah, maybe you could put everything in order by the author’s last name but that seems like such a chore and also kind of snobby, plus, wouldn’t it still look unorganized?

Bookshelf - After

Thank heavens for Pinterest. Someone posted a photo of books organized by color and I  like YES! First of all, I can totally do this without having to constantly say the alphabet in my head, and it will make my shelf appear organized without actually having to be organized, which I don’t really care about. I kind of cheated with the Harry Potter books because I couldn’t bear to separate them, but otherwise I think my little color scheme turned out rather nice.

DVD shelf - Before

I was so in love with my color organization that I moved on to our DVDs. If things keep going like this I’ll probably be using this on on our pantry, bathroom drawers, and tax return files. Things might be a little harder to find but they will be PRETTY. Pretty = way better.

DVD shelf - After


Coconut Curry Peanut Soup

Today it is cloudy and drizzly in Los Angeles. Days like this are few and far between here in Southern CA and so when they do show up the desire to stay home in my pajamas and fuzzy socks is almost overpowering. But…I was good today. I got up, went to the gym, and then made it into work on time. And I have since been staring out the window looking forward to when I can leave my office and change back into my pajamas and fuzzy socks.

And of course, on a rainy day you are pretty much mandated to only consume comfort food. Salads, fruit parfaits and Greek yogurt can only really satisfy me when the sun is out. Cloudy days call for mac and cheese, thick stews or soothing soups. This soup was actually discovered by me and my mom when I was in middle school and we were snowed in from a blizzard. I was bored and itching to cook something new and this recipe won out since it was the only one that could be made with ingredients we had on hand. It ended up being exactly what we had been craving, and since then this soup always makes an appearance in my kitchen during winter. It is creamy, spicy and the perfect comfort food to warm you up on a cloudy day.

This is the first year I actually changed it up by substituting the half and half for light coconut milk, and it is undoubtedly how I will make it from now on. The coconut lightened the soup up in calories without diminishing the creaminess, and I loved the subtle flavor of coconut paired with the peanut butter. If you’re reading this anytime after 6PM, you can pretty much guarantee that I will be on the couch, in fuzzy socks, with a bowl of this soup. Join me, won’t you?

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5 random things

I needed a little dose of inspiration this week. If you were hoping for sarcasm please try back soon.

1) I went against a lot of advice in order to A) go to an art’s school for college and B) move across the country to pursue my career. Even though things have definitely NOT turned out exactly like I had planned when I was 22, I sleep well at night knowing that my choices, for me, were the correct ones. Quotes like this help a lot:

Even if it’s only as a hobby, I think everyone should go into the arts.

2) This a post from Seth Godin’s blog that I am totally stealing. If you don’t know who he is, subscribe to his site now. For reals.

Out on a limb

That’s where artists do their work.

Not in the safe places, but out there, in a place where they might fail, where it might end badly, where connections might be lost, sensibilities might be offended, jokes might not be gotten.

If you work with artists, don’t saw off the limb. Don’t waste a lot of time explaining how dangerous it is, either. No, your job is to quietly support the limb at the same time you egg your team on, pushing them ever further out there.

3) How To Be More Interesting – I don’t really think I need to offer any more explanation. And this was written by Forbes, so you know it’s a fact.

4) I have been debating some upcoming decisions that need to be made with my life, and the common denominator is that all of them involve a level of fear. I am afraid of making the “wrong” choice, of failing, of things not working out how I want. And that is why I need to have this painted on my ceiling:

Seriously, I need to remember this every day before I face the world.

5) If you haven’t seen the full version of the last lecture by Randy Pausch, you should make time for it in the near future. Describing it as “inspirational” doesn’t really do it justice. You’ll cry, laugh, and want to conquer the world after you watch it. To see some of the highlights, here’s a summary he did on Oprah:

Sometimes I wish my husband was a jerk

I figure the best way to move on from the whole “you’re distasteful for writing about how much you and your husband fight” incident is to return to writing about my marriage with more stories about FIGHTING. Cause I will not let some person I don’t know bring me down. And it’s still is the best material I have. Don’t you wish you were married to ME?

Here’s what will happen. Chase and I will get into a fight about something he said/did that pissed me off. We used to get in really heated screaming fights when we first dated but now we are MATURE MARRIED PEOPLE and so we stomp off into opposite corners of the apartment and don’t speak until someone has calmed down enough to form non-insulting sentences. This normally works fine except that I’m  not always the kind of person that should be left alone with her own thoughts, because I will continue to have another fight with Chase IN MY HEAD for the next hour or two. I will convince myself that he is just  a jerk and selfish and how could I be married to someone that is so insensitive?

And here’s where the crazy part happens. I know, right? Like, isn’t this enough to already be categorized as “non-sane”? I will then proceed to come up with the PERFECT comebacks for Chase’s imaginary arguments, in effect slaying him and making him realize what a super intelligent and angelic wife I am, and how he should be so lucky to be married to someone so perfect.

Then, I wait. For real-life Chase to say something that I have already pre-determined he will say so I can lay the smack-down on him with my well-crafted arguments. And you know what is almost always the first thing out of his mouth when this happens?

“Hey babe, I’m really sorry for saying/doing that thing earlier. I really love you and hope you forgive me.”

Don’t even start with the “you have such a great husband” crap – THAT RAT BASTARD JUST STOLE MY THUNDER. Cause seriously, I can’t very well go off on him for APOLOGIZING now can I? And I have to face the fact that I have just wasted precious hours of my life perfecting arguments to a fight that is never going to happen except for inside my narcissistic head.

So yeah, sometimes I wish Chase was a jerk. So I could be RIGHT. To men who think that women place a high value in being right – I can pretty much guarantee you have underestimated some of us.

Beans on Toast Egg Bake

Okay, just give me a chance with this one. Even I was completely unsure as to whether this was going to work out, but let me tell you – this dish is GOOD. So good that I thought Chase and I would have leftovers but somehow we polished off the whole skillet in one breakfast. No leftovers + satisfied bellies = winning dish. Fact.

I came up with this when I saw Giada make an Italian sausage and egg bake, which sounded awesome except I don’t each sausage, but if that’s your thing you should totally give it a try cause it looked way yummy. So then I thought, “What about beans or something? Is that weird? Don’t people in the UK eat beans on toast for breakfast? If they can do it, so can I.” Aren’t you amazed by my reasoning skills?

I wanted to use a recipe for baked beans that I’ve made before, except the full recipe has a bit of a spicy kick to it, which is great at a barbeque but more than I want to deal with first thing in the morning. I need “mellow” in the morning, not Sriracha. After omitting the chili paste and most of the ginger I felt I had the perfect accompaniment for eggs and toast.

VERY IMPORTANT – You MUST make the beans ahead of time. Otherwise you’ll get up in the morning and realize your breakfast might be ready in time for dinner. But if you have these beans chilling in the fridge (they should last for a week) this comes together in a snap and is comforting start to the day.

Also – in case anyone is keeping track this is the first recipe for my resolution to cook at least one dish a month with dried beans. And yes, I KNOW it’s February but I made this a week ago and was then knocked out by a cold so I’m a little late getting it up on the web. But IT STILL COUNTS.

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