“Call Me Maybe” medley. My apologies.

I don’t really have any excuse for this post.  Only that I had “Call Me Maybe” stuck in my head (shocker) and decided to search for videos on the song and got blown away by HOW MANY PEOPLE have done a parody/cover/lip sync to this thing. Even more shocking – I actually like some of them. These were my favorites.

Watching macho men doing macho things in a war torn country, all while singing to something as embarrassingly girly as Carly Rae is just hypnotic. Call me crazy (maybe?).

If the sincerity with which these guys play the music with little school instruments doesn’t make you smile, then you need to go buy a rainbow xylophone pronto.

My favorite. By far. I would have totally kept playing a musical instrument if we could have done things like this.

Not an Ending

As I’ve told you all before, Chase and I are moving to NC in a few short months. We began the discussion of moving last year, but our decision was made final by a series of events that led to myself inheriting property from a family member. The specific details will remain private, but basically, we have a house waiting for us in NC.

When it first became a possibility that we would be getting a house, my head was filled with nothing but excitement at the idea of Chase and I fixing up and re-decorating our first home together. Once everything was confirmed this past June, I still felt excitement, but the first inklings of sadness began to creep into my consciousness. As D-day, or perhaps M-day, gets closer and closer, the voices of regret grow louder and are drowning out all of the positivity I had built up.  My thoughts are filled constantly with everything that I’ll miss:

Wandering down to my neighbor’s apartment for an after-work cocktail.

Heading to In-N-Out with Chase where we order Animal Fries, extra crispy, and eat them on our couch while watching silly TV shows.

Planning last minute sushi nights with my girlfriends and laughing so loudly we disturb the table next to us.

Grilling out with friends in and sipping cocktails on patios in February.

All of the friendships that we have made here in CA. I ache every time spend time with a friend and realize that soon we won’t be close to one another.

When I read about other bloggers that are in the process of moving, they  write as though the entire experience is nothing but rainbows and unicorns, and I don’t understand why I seem to be alone in feeling that moving means leaving friends, favorite places, our first apartment. It should be a new beginning, but it feels like an ending.

I realize of course that there are many people out there that would love to have my problems. Inheriting a house is not something that warrants complaint in the times we live in, and I do try to count my blessings whenever those sad feelings creep in. I’m sure it will pass soon, and I know that there are good things coming to quiet them down. I must try to live in the moment, with the constant chant in my head that this is not an ending; it is a beginning.

This is a beginning. This is a beginning. This is a beginning.

As always, thanks for reading xoxo

Kimchi Fried Rice

Each week, through the course of internet browsing and obsessive Food Network watching, I will bookmark or “pin” recipes that sound intriguing. Normally, those recipes sit untouched for months before I decide to actually get around to making them, but this recipe called to me immediately and whispered in my ear until I decided to make it only a few short days after seeing it on Barefoot Contessa. I’m not sure if it was the simplicity, or the use of kimchi, or the simple fact that it was a fried rice recipe, which is one of my favorite meals to make when Chase isn’t around.* Either way, I’m glad I didn’t wait.

*Every few months of the last 5 years of our relationship, I will try to casually suggest to Chase that I make fried rice for dinner. Every single time, he starts to moan and complain like a kid who’s being asked if he wants brussels sprouts for dessert, and so I’ve never made it. When he **shocker** admitted to liking this kimchi fried rice, I demanded that explain why he’s been so opposed in the past, and his response was, “Oh, I guess that by fried rice, I thought you meant just plain white rice.”

A) The fact that Chase really thinks I would serve a bowl of plain rice and call it “dinner,” is perhaps the most insulting thing he’s ever said to me.

B) People aren’t lying: communication is key (clearly we still have to work on ours)

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Chocolate is way better than vanilla

Has anyone else discovered those Hold the Cone things at Trader Joe’s?? Those things are like crack in our house, ya’ll. Except I only like the chocolate ones and Chase likes vanilla, which leads to conversations like this:

Chase: Why did you eat the last vanilla cone?

Me: I didn’t eat the last one.

Chase: Obviously you did since there aren’t any more!

Me: I don’t even like the vanilla ones. If anyone ate them it would be you.

Chase: There’s no way I ate that whole box by myself.

Me: Chase, I don’t like them. You must have eaten them all yourself.

Chase: Did I? I don’t remember it…

Me: Here’s the thing, you can’t pass the blame onto someone else when there are only two of us here. And don’t even think about trying to blame the dog. You know she’d prefer the chocolate cones too.

Chase: I guess I did eat them. That sucks. I want one now.

Me: Nice job. You even outsmarted yourself this time.

Happy Friday

1. It’s supposed to be fall up in here, but right now the temperature is 100˚ outside. Every morning I achingly look to my jeans and my cute scarves and then instead reach for the shorts and tank top again.

2. Pumpkin lattes are here. This is the first of many for the season.

3. I made my first poached egg two days ago, and now I can’t imagine making eggs any other way. If you’ve never made poached eggs here are some things to know:

a) They are really, really easy.
b) Crack the egg into a small bowl before dumping it in the water.
c) Splash a little white vinegar in the water. I don’t know why, but it keeps the egg white together.
d) Swirl the water right before dumping in the egg. Again, it keeps the egg white all together.
e) For any other questions, check out this tutorial from Smitten Kitchen.

4) Last week I made this broth from Jennifer Perillo using corn cobs, and then I made a heavenly corn chowder using the kernels from those cobs. That corn chowder might have been the highlight of my week, which either gives you an idea of what my personal life it like, or how much I love corn chowder.

5) Most days I look at our upcoming move with more than a little apprehension. Right now though, when I know that the temperature in NC is a crisp 70˚ F and the leaves are just starting to turn into brilliant shades of color, I wish it had already happened. I wish that my things were already in boxes, had already been loaded on a truck, and that we were currently sitting in our new house in the mountains. But then I return to the present, and I continue to put off pulling out even a single box, or picking an actual move date, or in general acknowledging that in a few short months Los Angeles will no longer be my home.*

*If anyone wants to get me a Christmas gift, I’m lacking in tiny violins.

6. It’s been a long time since I was really excited about a movie release, but “The Great Gatsby” has me counting the days. It’s the only thing that makes me want the fall season to go by faster. Until then I’ll be happy to linger a little longer with my pumpkin lattes.

Lemon-Coconut Macaroons

Is anyone there? Heellllooo? Anyone? Is this thing on?

Well, I’ve been in a cloud of visitors over the past few weeks and am finally pulling myself out of it. And although it we’ve had a lot of fun, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that we’re only slightly thrilled to have our apartment all to ourselves again. To celebrate the occasion Chase and I have taken a sabbatical from doing the dishes, making the beds and really just any cleaning in general. We’ve spent the last few days watching too much TV while wearing too little clothing. I’m eating as much ice cream as I want without caring what anyone thinks, and without worrying about whether I’m possibly spoiling my dinner.

I’m also getting back in the kitchen. But, I feel like it’s something I need to ease back into, and these cookies were the perfect snack to make during a lazy afternoon. They’re easy, delicious and refreshing on a warm day. Especially a warm day that’s spent in solitude on the couch, watching stupid TV wearing only underwear. Just some food for thought. xoxoxo

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Postagram – an answer to annoying thank-you cards

The front of the card. Cute photos galore

We interrupt this barrage of family/friend visits to bring you an important new development in the relm of thank-you cards. Please try to contain your excitement.

I, as a general rule, do not like thank-you cards. Yeah, it’s really sweet for you to take the time and write me a card using pen and paper, but that sucker is going in the trash about 5 minutes after I get it since I can’t stand clutter, and what you wrote is probably less personal than the Hallmark cards they have on clearance. A thank you that is said in person, at the time a gift/service is received, when I can actually see your face and hear your voice, is far preferable. Especially since it isn’t going to collect dust on my desk.

However, I do realize that other people enjoy such niceties, which is why I was ecstatic when a friend discovered the app Postagram last week. Imagine if instead of a thank-you card, you received a customized postcard with pictures of me using the gift you bought, or photos of us at the party you hosted, or photos from a trip we took. Way cooler, right? Also, imagine that when you needed to send such a card you simply uploaded a photo from your phone, clicked “send,” and had it mailed while you were lying in bed, using up all of 5 minutes of your day? Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The back of the card. Only sucks if you hate orange.

Here’s how Postagram works:

1) Download the app on your phone.
2) Enter in mailing addresses and buy “points” that you can use to send cards. (I did all of this ahead of time) (Also – it only costs 99 cents to send a card. Worth it.)
3) When you’re in need of a thank you card, simply upload a photo of your choosing and tap in a cute message.
4) Hit the button to send it.
5) A couple of days later, your friend or family member will receive an actual postcard in the mail, with a photo they might actually want to hang onto as opposed to whatever stationary you thought looked cute at Target.

What’s that? Oh yeah, the little photo you include pops out to form a keepsake. It’s like the ninja of postcards.

When was the last time you hung a thank-you card on your fridge? Never, that’s when. Because they’re stupid and represent a lot of wasted time and ugly stationary. Postagram for the win.

**Postagram did not pay me for this post. They probably don’t even know I exist. Which is really rude of them, and they should totally send me some money for this publication, and then I’ll send them one of their own cards as thank you with a picture of me using that money to buy burritos. Because are there really any better uses for belated sponsorship money? Also, I’m really hungry right now and burritos sound awesome. Postagram could totally pay me in burritos instead. Except that they probably wouldn’t go through the mail as well as money. You know what? Let’s just stick with money. Thanks, Postagram, you’re the best.