4th of July Suggestions

The 4th of July is in two days. TWO DAYS people. This is the Olympics of grill-outs, the World Cup of picnic food. I have big plans, mostly involving food. Here’s how it goes:

First, I am going to whip up a big pitcher of this Ginger Limeade my friend Adrianna made. I am drooling just looking at the photo. Adrianna – *hugs* #MissYouLots

I really want to make this Cajun Shrimp Guacamole from What’s Gaby Cooking?, but only if I’m allowed to do a face plant once it’s done. Otherwise I should probably leave it alone – I’m not good at self control.

I want this and I want it now. Please and thank you.

Ideally I would find something to drown in this Bourbon Orange Coriander Barbeque Sauce from Joy. Question – is it rude to eat BBQ sauce with a spoon?

I’ve had my eye on this recipe from Smitten Kitchen for years. Literally people, years. It’s like if potato salad and egg salad had a wild and crazy night together and ended up with this crazy love child. Maybe I’ve been intimidated, maybe I’ve been worried I would eat the whole bowl and embarrass myself. But I’m going for it now.

I really, really want to believe that I have the technical skills to pull this recipe off, cause they look so pretty. But deep down, I know that is just not true. Le sigh…

Instead, I’ll make more of this. So easy, delicious, and perfect for a hot summer barbeque.

Happy 4th of July to you & yours! What do you have planned?

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One Thought on “4th of July Suggestions

  1. That bbq sauce looks amazing. I need to get on that. Miss you too! xo

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