A Hunger Games “Tribute”


Please note: if you haven’t read “Hunger Games” this post is going to make absolutely no sense and you should probably just come back later. Or you should get your ass over to the bookstore because OH MY GOD WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ THIS BOOK YET??

Since the movie will finally be released today my frenzy for anything Hunger Games has reached it’s peak. This is bunch of stuff I found while obsessively searching the internet.

First, some awesome E-cards:

Honestly, when I first heard these nail polishes were being made I was like “that is some dumb bullshit,” and then I saw the colors and was all “ooooo pretty! I want ALL OF THEM.”

There are a lot of T-shirts out there by now, but these are two that I would actually consider wearing.


You guys have to check out Entertainment Weekly’s gallery of Hunger Games “ImPosters”. It pokes fun at what the movie could have been like if other directors had been at the helm. The one below is Hunger Games as Nancy Meyers would have seen it:

PS – I’m going to see this on Saturday. I will be a twitchy ball of excitement until then.

PSS – If you look closely in the credits of the movie, my name should be in there! (as production secretary – Asheville office) (true fact).

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2 Thoughts on “A Hunger Games “Tribute”

  1. I love this book, can’t wait for the movie!! I am totally gonna watch the credits for you!!

  2. Ok, I’ve got to read the book asap. :)

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