And this is why I shouldn’t have free time

On Valentines’ day I stumbled upon this, which is the first video that I became obsessed with on the internet. (I almost typed that I found it on YouTube, but this is WAY before that. My future kids are gonna think I AM SO OLD one day.) (Also – YouTube won’t let me embed it…if you want to see awesomeness you’ll have to click the link.)

If you aren’t even a little entertained by The Hamster Dance, you obviously were not in middle school during the 90s. It’s also possible you’re not female.

I then fell into a hole of wanting to relive every video that friends and I laughed over in college. Most of which were on the Weebls website, which I overdosed on in 2005 and haven’t visited since, so I’m officially off the wagon.

The video below is another extremely annoying, utter nonsense of a song that I could not stop watching. (I apologize in advance if you get this song stuck in your head. Also if people look at you strangely when you randomly start chanting “Mushroom! Mushroom!”)

And of course…anyone that has seen the Badger video has to remember this gem:

And since I’m sure you’re wondering, “Kenya” was totally made into a live action video. And the only reason you don’t see me in it is because those bastards thought of it first. Which is really unfortunate because there aren’t a lot of other excuses I can think of to dance around in a lion costume. (insert obvious perverted sex joke here –  soooo not happening)

And after watching this I was all like, “Why didn’t anyone make a live action video of the Badger video? That would be awesome!


Maybe someone did make the video…”

And I wasted a good hour on YouTube. And life was good. And I realized that in order to be productive I need to disconnect the power to all my electronics.

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5 Thoughts on “And this is why I shouldn’t have free time

  1. YES to all of this. Kenyaaaaaa.

  2. Jlhpisces on February 25, 2012 at said:

    Oh yay, someone else besides me has seen the Kenya video!! :)

  3. As her roommate for much of college I can verify that we were in fact obsessed with this videos!!! This made my morning that you posted all of them ! Now if we could only find our britney spears dance video!

  4. Sarah on March 16, 2012 at said:

    I LOVE the badger song! I also stumbled accross it years before youtube on the weebles site and the kenya song! Love it!

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