At least I don’t own a cat

Although Julia Child originally became famous for her French cookbook, these days whenever I hear her quoted it is always in regard to her attitude toward mistakes. That is, that they happen and they are no excuse to fall apart. And saying something out loud to your guests can only makes things worse, not better. More than any recipe, I think this attitude is her greatest contribution to home cooks.

The next time I am cooking for my family, friends, or in-laws and I realize that I’ve forgotten an ingredient, or the dish doesn’t taste as good as it has in the past, or I’m just all around not confident in the recipe, I will try to remember this.

Also – it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has served stew that a cat had fallen into.

I’m kidding. It was spaghetti sauce.

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2 Thoughts on “At least I don’t own a cat

  1. Mary on August 17, 2012 at said:

    My mom tells how my grandma put the turkey on the table one Thanksgiving & went to call everyone (including guests) into the dining room. When they arrived, one of the cats was eating the turkey. My grandpa put the cat on the floor & carved the turkey without comment. We have a cat who gets his big fluffy tail in EVERYthing, including hot soup. I really worry about him getting too close to a gas burner!

  2. This is good advice regardless of the situation – whether you are a young hostess or not.

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