Bad decisions often lead to a rash

In addition to dealing with the aftermath of losing my mother and trying to catch up on work,  I spent the last couple of weeks fending off an itchy rash that managed to be more distracting than anything else combined. See, I got poison ivy while weeding my garden in shorts and a tank top, and while the excuse of, “I’m grieving,” has been getting me a lot of perks and out of a lot of social requirements, poisin ivy was the first thing to basically say, “f*ck you and your grief, I’m still gonna give you a rash.” Leave it to those oily green leaves to teach me that yes, you can be grieving, but you still need to act like a normal human being and make wise decisions. Poison ivy doesn’t give a shit about your personal problems, so put some damn pants on.

Side note – the other day I actually texted Chase that I wish someone would take away my period cramps and poison ivy rash. Now really, don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Well, the little red demon bumps on my arms and legs have finally started to retreat, which means I can concentrate on other things in my life, like answering emails, mopping my floors or willfully ignoring all those thank-you cards that I should be writing. I desperately need to get back into my kitchen and work on new recipes, since I know that Chase is tired of eating grilled cheese and omelets 3 meals a day, and I’ve got some renovation updates to share here.

I’ll be back soon, thanks for reading. xoxo

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3 Thoughts on “Bad decisions often lead to a rash

  1. Stacey on August 26, 2013 at said:

    “Poison ivy doesn’t give a shit about your personal problems, so put some damn pants on.”

    This made me laugh A LOT. Welcome back!

  2. Polly on August 26, 2013 at said:

    I snorted when I read this!!!!
    xoxo–see you Friday:)

  3. Tasha on August 27, 2013 at said:

    I’m sorry about the rash and cramps!
    Hopefully this will make you chuckle a little:

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