There are few things I love more than brunch, pretty much because it’s one of the only times when it’s appropriate to say “Why yes, I would love some alcohol with my breakfast.”

This lovely spread was had at Olive & Thyme. When I took these photos I told my friend “Man, I must look SO COOL taking photos of my food, since everyone will know I HAVE BLOG and because NO ONE IN LOS ANGELES has a blog, right?”

These are they times I wish someone had invented a sarcasm font.

In case you’re not from here – everyone in Los Angeles AND their sister AND their unborn baby has a blog. Cause we are all REALLY AWESOME over here. Duh.

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2 Thoughts on “Brunch

  1. YUM!! I may make the trek over the hill for this one!!

  2. I’ve discovered that I don’t feel guilty at anytime for asking for alcohol with my breakfast, I’ve just decided it’s a bad idea to have booze with breakfast before work. That’s what lunch is for, lol. Regardless of boozing philosophies, bruch is hands down the best meal ever invented.

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