I probably broke a law taking this photo

Can we all just take a moment to remember the time my car got towed because I was slightly outside the bounds of a completely arbitrary parking restriction? Towed, people. My car was towed in Los Angeles because I was nicely parked on a street that did not want people to park there from 11PM – 6AM for no good reason.

On the other hand, I was driving around Hendo the other day, and saw this:

That is a car parked facing the wrong way, on a street that doesn’t allow parking, and it is on the freaking sidewalk. And you know what? I didn’t actually stick around to see the outcome, but I can almost guarantee that driver didn’t get a ticket, most likely because he/she is old and just adorable and probably knows the police officer’s parents.

There is a lesson to be learned here…something about how age trumps logical reason…or something….

Fun in the Mud

I ran my first mud run on Saturday, which after I described it to my dad he said it sounded like “what the army forced him to do” and therefore he had some trouble understanding why I was doing this voluntarily during my own free time. I will say that if you are looking for a physical challenge that incorporates a variety of obstacles to really test your fitness, a mud run is right up you alley. Or if you don’t mind getting dirty and want to have interesting photos to post on Facebook. I like to think that I fell somewhere in the middle of these two categories. That being said, here are a couple photos:

Here we are before the race – so clean and naive.

At this point we were making nervous conversation with the people around us and trying to speculate on how cold the mud was.

The hardest part of a mud run?  Climbing up the hills to get out of the mud pits once they’ve been made slick by everyone that climbed up it before you. Continue Reading →

No-Good, Very Bad Day

You all remember the book “Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day” right? I got smacked in the face by one of those this weekend. And the thing about these terrible days is that they don’t even deserve sympathy. If I was in a car wreck and broke bones I wouldn’t feel too self-centered when I started crying and complaining about having a shitty day. Did anything that dramatic or life-threatening happen to me this weekend? Here, I’ll let you decide:

I went to the gym to take a spin class and ALL THE BIKES WERE ALREADY RESERVED. This was clearly going to de-rail my entire work-out program and now all of my hard work since January will have been for nothing and when I go to the beach in a few weeks and I will be doomed to have a muffin top because I missed ONE CLASS. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

I had a mildly irritating headache. For like THREE HOURS. It RUINED my afternoon NAP. I know, right? I mean, how can a person live like this?

Two of my friends went on a hike and forgot to invite me. And no, it obviously wasn’t an innocent mistake. They are CLEARLY conspiring against me and most-likely spent the whole time talking about me behind my back. Clearly.

We went to my first-ever Dodger game and it was cloudy, chilly and there were epically long lines to buy Dodger dogs, and when Chase finally got to the end of the really long line they were out of veggie dogs.  When I sat down in a bathroom stall a few minutes later and realized too late that there was no toilet paper I burst into tears. This obviously was not an overreaction by any means. Obviously. (luckily there were some unusually soft disposable seat covers at my disposal, or I might still be crying in that stall)

The day ended a bit better when Chase let me cry out some tears of frustration in the car without cracking one joke about the fact that I was acting like a baby, which was quite commendable of him under the circumstances. And then we bought In-N-Out for dinner, and the world was better again.

Organize by Color

Bookshelf - Before

If you’re like me, you have a book shelf that looks like this. It’s a total mess – books are  thrown on there haphazardly and some aren’t even books to begin with but this is the only place you have to put stuff so that’s where they ended up. And every day when you sit on your couch facing said bookshelf it kind of annoys you that it doesn’t look organized. And this goes on for years, just sitting and being slightly annoyed but not really knowing how to change it. Yeah, maybe you could put everything in order by the author’s last name but that seems like such a chore and also kind of snobby, plus, wouldn’t it still look unorganized?

Bookshelf - After

Thank heavens for Pinterest. Someone posted a photo of books organized by color and I  like YES! First of all, I can totally do this without having to constantly say the alphabet in my head, and it will make my shelf appear organized without actually having to be organized, which I don’t really care about. I kind of cheated with the Harry Potter books because I couldn’t bear to separate them, but otherwise I think my little color scheme turned out rather nice.

DVD shelf - Before

I was so in love with my color organization that I moved on to our DVDs. If things keep going like this I’ll probably be using this on on our pantry, bathroom drawers, and tax return files. Things might be a little harder to find but they will be PRETTY. Pretty = way better.

DVD shelf - After


It’s Like Shooting Drunk, Slutty Fish In A Barrel

I’m sorry if this post doesn’t live up to it’s title. But when I was telling the story of how my car got towed to my friend Marie this is what she said to describe how easy it is to find cars to tow in Hollywood. And I have to make sure I don’t forget that phrase.

But the point is – my car got towed this weekend. Major bummer. See, Marie lives in Hollywood near the Pantages Theater, also known as “the neighborhood that laughs at anyone who thinks they’re going to find a parking space on a Friday night unless they want to shell out $20 bucks for a spot in a sketchy parking lot”. And sometimes I’m not even convinced that those parking lots are for real. I have a suspicion that some of them are vacant lots that homeless people stand at the entrance of and say you have to give them cash to park there. But if that’s true then they are really smart homeless people. Probably smart enough not to be homeless. Let’s face it, that homeless guy probably has a nicer house than me.

The point, again, is – Chase and I had been driving in circles trying to find a spot when “hallelujah!” we found one. It was a teeny tiny spot on a crowded block but I was totally able to fit my car in and so we parked and went on our merry way to Marie’s house.

Fast forward 4 hours later – after having a perfectly wonderful evening with friends and vodka (but not too much cause drinking & driving is stupid, duh), we walked back to a COMPLETELY EMPTY BLOCK. Like, not one car in sight. Most importantly, MY car was not in sight.  On closer inspection of the parking sign we realized that there was no parking from 11PM – 6AM, cause obviously those parked cars were going to cause the empty church and vacant lots a TON of problems at that hour, and, *joy* – it was also a tow-away zone.

I’ll spare you the details of me locating my car at that hour, suffice to say it involved dialing multiple numbers that were out of service (I ♥ LA!) and finally speaking to an especially friendly woman at the tow company that is open 24 hours “for my convenience”. I wanted to tell her that if they were really concerned with my convenience they would have left my car on the street where I wanted it, but I try not to mess with people that are holding my possessions for ransom.

The bright spot of the night – when I was being driven to my car at the lot, I saw a charred up vehicle and was all “OMG, is that one of the cars from the arsons over the holidays??”, and the guy was like, “oh that’s nothing, we have 10 more on the upper level,” and sure enough, there was an entire row of burned up vehicles which as I’m writing this I realize it would’ve been really cool if I had a photo but I don’t so instead I present to you this run on sentence. You’re welcome. I don’t get excited about seeing celebrities, but show me a bunch of cars that were recently in the news for being set on fire and suddenly I’m all starstruck.

So, it really wasn’t a bad night after all. But in hindsight I would have preferred to scale the fence to see those cars then pay the fee to get mine back. Live and learn. And read parking signs REALLY carefully.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! Because I am a total space cadet when traveling, I kept forgetting to share some of these videos on my trip home, so here they are now. Consider them my bucket of randomness to welcome in 2012.

First off, this is my friends’ cat, that she taught how to open a freakin jar. So it could then pick up treats and put them in its mouth. Even if you aren’t on some sort of mood altering substance while watching, this is pretty dang cool.

My dad is a pilot. And he’s retired. So by law, he now has to buy his own plane and then tell us it’s his new “toy”.  As of this moment I am the only daughter that hasn’t flown in the Yak (that’s what it’s actually called), mainly because I’m all “I have seen how you drive and that is thrill enough” but Chase doesn’t know any better so he went up with him. He says it was “freakin awesome” but I’m pretty sure he’s lying or doesn’t totally understand that the effects of gravity can be lethal, so I stayed on the ground and played Gem Drop instead. And I made it to like level 20 so you can all guess whose adrenaline rush was higher.

This video is kinda boring. Unless you’re a guy. This is a stealth bomber (right?) that flew over us while watching the Rose Parade, which is something I wouldn’t be normally be super psyched to watch, but everyone else around me seem to think this was amazing. So…here it is. React however you want…

And you remember this right?

Well…my Feast of the Seven Fishes totally happened.

And Aunt Sara came.

With gifts.

That were half frozen.

Seriously, I love her.

Alright, 2012. Let’s do this.

Rainy LA

I wanted to post this for anyone who has doubts as to whether or not it actually rains in Los Angeles. This was taken shortly after I was cat-called by some guy in a pickup truck, leading me to believe that either:

A) Even in full rain gear, complete with bulky rain coat and boots I am still DEAD SEXY


B) That guy is a total loser.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree on which one is true.

Dogs, Dresses and Dances

I went to Charleston this past weekend for a wedding.

I walked down to the beach. The very same one that Chase and I were married on only a year ago. I wish that I would have had time to lounge in beach chairs with a rum beverage, but sadly that will have to wait for another anniversary trip, especially since Chase was stuck at work and couldn’t make it this time.

I did find the time to send Chase the above photo with the caption “Wish you were here.”

Hi, my name is Caroline and I am a shameless cheese ball.

I met my sister’s new greyhound, who originally came with the name “Judge” that was promptly changed to “Dobby”. Obviously he was way too silly looking for something as dignified boring as Judge.

And BTW – no, that is not a dead dog in the photo above, it just happens to be what Dobby looks like about 90% of the time. Apparently greyhounds are actually some of the laziest dogs you can have, exhibiting about as much energy on average as a lethargic sloth. For my sister, who is in her final year of residency and barely has time to change clothes or feed herself between shifts, this type of dog is exactly the sort of companion she needs.

Oh, and the fact that you can pile things on top of him and he is far to lazy to actually move away? That’s just the cherry on top. It would be a shame to tell you how much time I wasted doing this while I was there. It’s also a shame that my sister didn’t have more plush toys lying around, cause my skills in stacking were definitely not pushed to their limits.

The highlight of the weekend – I tried to iron my dress and totally BURNED A HOLE IN IT an HOUR before the wedding started!@#!$&!! This was immediately followed by me trying to act like I was fine in front of my stepfather, (No really, I mean, it’s only brand new and made of shimmery fabric, but I really didn’t like it anyway) which was then followed with a phone call to Chase that resulted in a total tearful meltdown which would have been more fitting if a real tragedy had occurred or if I was four and had lost my favorite My Little Pony (That shit will scar you for life).

Finally, I put my big girl panties on… drove to a nearby Kohl’s… bought a dress and…went to the wedding. See? I am totally getting better at being an grown-up.

And oh yeah, there was a wedding. It was beautiful, and was immediately followed by this first dance from the bride and groom, which should give you an idea of what kind of a couple they are together.

Chris & Morgan – I will be sure to hang onto this video so your future children have something to roll their eyes at. I love you and you’re welcome.

Off The Road Again

I am finally back in Los Angeles. This means of course, that I have once again made the 2,500 mile trip on I-40. It’s going to take me a while to fully unpack or to feel the desire to ever get in my car again or to feel motivated enough to make an even an omelet, but until that happens here are some highlights from our trip:

We stopped in Nashville to see a friend on the way out and had lunch at Fido, since that sounded like it would be at least a little dog friendly. I ordered an ice coffee that had “mojito” in the name and came adorned with fresh basil (YUUUUMMMM). Chase, who never, ever drinks hot coffee and will only drink iced coffee, even in the dead of winter, decided that on a day when it is over 80 degrees and we are sitting outside that he should order a hot drink. Makes total sense. I stared at him strangely for a good 10 minutes after that.

I debated between two different salads on the menu and finally went with The Big Chop Salad since it sounded like it came with more cheese. This is normally the basis for how I do all my ordering in restaurants. More cheese = better.

On day 2 we passed through Oklahoma and Texas, which I always remember because they have Taco Buenos. Taco Bueno seems like your standard fast-food Mexican, except they have vegetarian burritos that come with white rice instead of Mexican rice,  black beans (not refried!) and instead of your standard shredded cheddar they have a creamy Jack cheddar cheese sauce. I love that burrito so much I want to marry it. I have also taken to screaming “Taco Bueno!!” in my best Hispanic accent whenever we see a sign for one on the highway, which I’m sure after the 20th time Chase thinks is just adorable.

Take this photo and multiply it by 3 days, and that’s what Honey’s trip looked like. Actually, add in a few minutes of eating fast food burgers. That’s pretty much it.

The 3rd day finally got us to The Greatest Place On Earth: In-N-Out. My one true fast food love. Most people look at me weird when I say this since I don’t eat burgers, but let me tell you this: In-N-Out will make you a grilled cheese with GRILLED onions. It is awesome. And unlike other fast food establishments, I don’t have to explain to them in detail how to make a grilled cheese using the ingredients they have on hand. “See, you’re gonna act like you’re making a burger, but just leave out the meat. No? Okay, I’ll speak slower…”

Also, they have fries that haunt me in my dreams. After writing this I might actually have to treat myself to some more In-N-Out for lunch. Cause I am back in LA and there is one in my neighborhood.

It’s good to be home.

Hipstamatic is Ruining My Marriage

Okay, so Chase has FINALLY arrived in town for a visit and this past weekend we decided to rent out a room at a bed & breakfast in Asheville so that we could take in the sites and have some, ahem, privacy. I have forgotten in the two months that we’ve been apart that Chase is capable of sleeping far longer and more often than me. He sees sleeping as a recreational activity to be engaged in whenever possible, whereas I view it as something I have to do when my body makes me. This resulted in me being completely bored out of my mind when he took a nap one afternoon and I was left wide awake and realized I had OF COURSE left my kindle at home. I flipped through channels on the TV in the room but apparently this hotel was under the impression that everyone else staying there would be content enough to just take in the mountain scenery, considering the line-up consisted of only two channels, one of them being a constant weather forecast. I mean, nature is awesome and all but where are my Housewives? (if you listen carefully you can hear a collective groan from my “get out and play” parents as they read this last sentence)

So… I turned to the next best thing, my iPhone, and eventually focused on the Hipstamatic app I bought a few weeks ago. I purchased this after hearing that it was “sooo cool” from my neighbor, but initially was turned off when I found out that it isn’t as easy as a point-and-shoot, you actually have to pick which “lens,” “film” and even which “flash” you want to use. It’s like using Instagram except you have to actually do work and use your mind and stuff. No, thank you.

Now that I was bored out of my mind I decided to start playing around all the settings because, well, that sounded better than staring at the wall. Now…I’m kinda hooked. I ended up running all over the room snapping off pictures, which didn’t really help much in the way of Chase’s nap. These were all taken using the Jimmy Lens, which I love  because it gives a very nostalgic look to the photos. This fit the setting perfectly since the bed & breakfast we chose was advertised as being “historic” and they were not joking.