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This weekend was pretty darn good. Except when it wasn’t. More on that later, but for now I’m just trying to ease back into the week by looking at pictures of this little guy. Cause he is super adorable and allows me to forget the pile of unanswered emails that I have. And yes, I realize that emails don’t form an actual “pile” but I’m trying to be dramatic, so just let me have that one, okay? Please and thank you.

Of course, what you can’t see are all the photos I have of him continuously trying to stick things in his mouth, which I guess babies do sometimes, but it really isn’t all that cute for photos. Except when it is. Then, holy moly is it presh.

Baby Charlie

“You need to learn how to hold a baby and glass of wine at the same time.” This is what my Aunt Sara tells me while visiting with me cousin’s brand new baby, Charlie. It’s her way of saying that A) Chase and I need to get moving on the baby bandwagon and B) being a mom is no excuse for not loosening up a bit.

But truth be told, even without wine, my cousin-in-law Erin looks like she’s doing just fine. In the time I was there I witnessed multiple crying fits from little Charlie, and one huge meltdown from his big brother Mo, all of which she reacted to with the utmost calm and laid-back demeanor.¬† I, on the other hand, have had less composure while trying to find a decent radio station.

I (and especially Chase) would like to believe that I will be just like her when I become¬† a mom, but it’s probably safe to assume no such miracle will happen. I would expect there to be more worrying, anxiousness and mood swings. However, until that happens I will continue to perfect my wine glass holding skills. I’ll probably need them more than she will.

And despite all the worries the family may have had, little Mo looks he like has taken quite naturally to being a big brother.

Well, most of the time.