There might be an impending coup…

UPDATE: I wrote this post a few hours ago, right before my site went down. That sort of killed the humor for me, but hopefully you all will enjoy:

I logged on to my Google reader today and was like, “Oh that’s interesting, apparently I have a new blog post. I hope I haven’t started that awful sleep blogging again.” And when I clicked on it I saw this:

And I got really freaked out cause I thought maybe I started to write a new post and accidently hit “Publish” without realizing it. Which would have been really dumb of me but is totally within the relm of possibility – I often do dumb things WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.

When I checked the blog and saw that all was well I realized that someone is obviously trying to send me a message: that there is about to be a violent take-over and soon you will be spammed with random messages that link to weird products made in China and/or images of Disney porn.

If either of these things happens – just know that I tried to prevent it except I don’t really know any prevention methods and so all I actually did was hope really hard that the evil computer geniuses of the world realize that there are better/more lucrative blogs to take over than mine.

PS – in case you’re wondering why I subscribe to my own blog, it’s to monitor that the RSS feed is working properly. And to intercept secret messages from evil computer geniuses. Duh.

PSS – when an evil genius sends you a message, take it seriously! Even if the evil genius is your own self, who used an outdated email to purchase her domain and therefore didn’t receive the expiration notices. Like I said – I do dumb things without EVEN TRYING