Postagram – an answer to annoying thank-you cards

The front of the card. Cute photos galore

We interrupt this barrage of family/friend visits to bring you an important new development in the relm of thank-you cards. Please try to contain your excitement.

I, as a general rule, do not like thank-you cards. Yeah, it’s really sweet for you to take the time and write me a card using pen and paper, but that sucker is going in the trash about 5 minutes after I get it since I can’t stand clutter, and what you wrote is probably less personal than the Hallmark cards they have on clearance. A thank you that is said in person, at the time a gift/service is received, when I can actually see your face and hear your voice, is far preferable. Especially since it isn’t going to collect dust on my desk.

However, I do realize that other people enjoy such niceties, which is why I was ecstatic when a friend discovered the app Postagram last week. Imagine if instead of a thank-you card, you received a customized postcard with pictures of me using the gift you bought, or photos of us at the party you hosted, or photos from a trip we took. Way cooler, right? Also, imagine that when you needed to send such a card you simply uploaded a photo from your phone, clicked “send,” and had it mailed while you were lying in bed, using up all of 5 minutes of your day? Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The back of the card. Only sucks if you hate orange.

Here’s how Postagram works:

1) Download the app on your phone.
2) Enter in mailing addresses and buy “points” that you can use to send cards. (I did all of this ahead of time) (Also – it only costs 99 cents to send a card. Worth it.)
3) When you’re in need of a thank you card, simply upload a photo of your choosing and tap in a cute message.
4) Hit the button to send it.
5) A couple of days later, your friend or family member will receive an actual postcard in the mail, with a photo they might actually want to hang onto as opposed to whatever stationary you thought looked cute at Target.

What’s that? Oh yeah, the little photo you include pops out to form a keepsake. It’s like the ninja of postcards.

When was the last time you hung a thank-you card on your fridge? Never, that’s when. Because they’re stupid and represent a lot of wasted time and ugly stationary. Postagram for the win.

**Postagram did not pay me for this post. They probably don’t even know I exist. Which is really rude of them, and they should totally send me some money for this publication, and then I’ll send them one of their own cards as thank you with a picture of me using that money to buy burritos. Because are there really any better uses for belated sponsorship money? Also, I’m really hungry right now and burritos sound awesome. Postagram could totally pay me in burritos instead. Except that they probably wouldn’t go through the mail as well as money. You know what? Let’s just stick with money. Thanks, Postagram, you’re the best.

5 Things

This amazing cuff I found at the bottom of a sale bin at Francesca’s while I was picking up some new tights. Truthfully, I never wear things on my wrist, not even a watch, but this was too pretty to not at least make an effort for.

Another awesome shopping find – a sparkly gold dress found hidden in the racks at Crossroads. As soon as I pulled it out my friends were like “Vegas!!” since we have a trip planned in June and I currently don’t own anything that would be considered “Vegas appropriate.” That is, before now I didn’t own a dress that was covered in sequins and that ended well above my knees.

Another trip in the works – Chase and I are going to Seattle!! We’ve never been, but I’m already planning on drinking lots of coffee, grabbing pizza at Delancey and some oysters at the Walrus and the Carpenter. If anyone has additional suggestions, throw them my way!

This was my after-work snack all week. A few kumquats and some slices of good Swiss cheese. Perfection.

For the first time in my adult life, I have running shoes that are actually getting some good wear on them. Didn’t you see? I have a sparkly gold dress I have to fit into. Who would have thought sequins could provide that kind of motivation.


Organize by Color

Bookshelf - Before

If you’re like me, you have a book shelf that looks like this. It’s a total mess – books are ¬†thrown on there haphazardly and some aren’t even books to begin with but this is the only place you have to put stuff so that’s where they ended up. And every day when you sit on your couch facing said bookshelf it kind of annoys you that it doesn’t look organized. And this goes on for years, just sitting and being slightly annoyed but not really knowing how to change it. Yeah, maybe you could put everything in order by the author’s last name but that seems like such a chore and also kind of snobby, plus, wouldn’t it still look unorganized?

Bookshelf - After

Thank heavens for Pinterest. Someone posted a photo of books organized by color and I ¬†like YES! First of all, I can totally do this without having to constantly say the alphabet in my head, and it will make my shelf appear organized without actually having to be organized, which I don’t really care about. I kind of cheated with the Harry Potter books because I couldn’t bear to separate them, but otherwise I think my little color scheme turned out rather nice.

DVD shelf - Before

I was so in love with my color organization that I moved on to our DVDs. If things keep going like this I’ll probably be using this on on our pantry, bathroom drawers, and tax return files. Things might be a little harder to find but they will be PRETTY. Pretty = way better.

DVD shelf - After


Button Bouquet

Welcome to my blog! I have to say, I debated long and hard about what to do for a first post, to the point that I thought this little project might never happen if I couldn’t at least get it started. At long last, I finally decided to show you the gift I got my Mom for Mother’s Day. This button bouquet by the Button Florist that I found in Asheville is simple, beautiful, and full of whimsy. Which is exactly what I hope Pink Basil will be. Thanks for stopping by.