Happy Monday

I’ve spent the last week in North Carolina, primarily to attend a wedding of some dear friends, but also to lay groundwork for our upcoming move. A week in the mountains during October was perhaps what I needed most at this moment. The air was clean and crisp, the landscape lush green with patches of bright orange and red poking through the trees, thunderstorms woke us up as rain splattered down on the roofs, and all I could think was how much I have missed the autumn season.

Maybe this move won’t be so bad after all.


Chase and I took off this past weekend on a trip to Seattle. We had no agenda, no overall purpose for being there. I want all of my vacations to be this way, where we just have the freedom to explore and wander. And I didn’t have to explain or justify why I don’t want to eat at chain restaurants on my vacation. I’m not always so fortunate.

The Bookstore Bar @ The Alexis Hotel: Cozy decor. AMAZING clam chowder. More whiskeys in once place than I have ever seen before. We loved this place.

Delancey & The Pantry – You might have heard of them from this girl or this girl. It is absolutely not fair that I have now eaten this pizza and can’t order it here in Los Angeles. It also isn’t fair that Brandon, the owner of Delancey, was teaching a class about making pizza at home and we weren’t able stay due to the fact that those classes sell out in nanoseconds.  I may or may not be planning a trip to kidnap Brandon and force him to tell me all his secrets.

Brunch at Revel. The only regret I have from the trip is that we weren’t able to taste everything on the menu. It’s entirely possible that I considered asking the people next to us at the bar if I could have one little bite of their dishes. If you’ve ever eaten there I’m sure you understand.

Molly Moon’s makes some of the BEST ice cream I’ve ever had. I tasted chocolate, Earl Grey and then finally settled on salted caramel.

Pike Place Market, where we found…everything. Continue Reading →


This weekend was pretty darn good. Except when it wasn’t. More on that later, but for now I’m just trying to ease back into the week by looking at pictures of this little guy. Cause he is super adorable and allows me to forget the pile of unanswered emails that I have. And yes, I realize that emails don’t form an actual “pile” but I’m trying to be dramatic, so just let me have that one, okay? Please and thank you.

Of course, what you can’t see are all the photos I have of him continuously trying to stick things in his mouth, which I guess babies do sometimes, but it really isn’t all that cute for photos. Except when it is. Then, holy moly is it presh.

One year.

This was taken exactly one year ago today, on the day that I married Chase, my best friend, my lover, my support system, my hand-holder, my recipe taster, my confidant, my man.

I can only hope the rest of my years of marriage will be as good as the first.

Photography Struggles + Fig, Ricotta and Lemon Crostini

I have been in a bit of a photo funk lately. I feel like I am experiencing less and less of those magic moments of taking a photo I consider to be truly beautiful, and am more and more often disappointed with what I have when I download my images.

I think it really started when I read Plate To Pixel from cover to cover. Not to blame Helene from Tartlette at all, but trying to compare my photos to hers is already setting me up for failure. It’s like taping up photos of flawless supermodels while I try on bathing suits. The other problem with this book is that although it is utterly inspiring with its advice on food styling, the skills that she writes about just do not come naturally to me.

You see, it is not in my nature to style photographs. When I take pictures of people, I try to give them minimal direction and instead adjust myself to them in hopes of capturing a beautiful moment. The same holds true when I try to photograph things I think to be beautiful. I do not like to interfere; I like to capture the moment/object/location as it is.

Food photography, however, is an entirely different beast. The best food photographs, the ones that really suck us in, have been worked and manipulated to achieve that appetizing appearance. My preference would be to simply cook the dish, plate how I would normally eat it, and then snap photos. This used to be enough to satisfy me, but lately, I feel the need to stretch beyond my comfort zone and try more interesting plating styles, to use different textures or backgrounds or to incorporate props. But since these aren’t skills that come naturally to me, I find myself struggling to work the dish into the vision I’m trying to achieve. I look at the photos and think they are cheap knock-offs of what other people actually do remarkably well. Or sometimes, I just feel like I missed the mark altogether.

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Hipstamatic is Ruining My Marriage

Okay, so Chase has FINALLY arrived in town for a visit and this past weekend we decided to rent out a room at a bed & breakfast in Asheville so that we could take in the sites and have some, ahem, privacy. I have forgotten in the two months that we’ve been apart that Chase is capable of sleeping far longer and more often than me. He sees sleeping as a recreational activity to be engaged in whenever possible, whereas I view it as something I have to do when my body makes me. This resulted in me being completely bored out of my mind when he took a nap one afternoon and I was left wide awake and realized I had OF COURSE left my kindle at home. I flipped through channels on the TV in the room but apparently this hotel was under the impression that everyone else staying there would be content enough to just take in the mountain scenery, considering the line-up consisted of only two channels, one of them being a constant weather forecast. I mean, nature is awesome and all but where are my Housewives? (if you listen carefully you can hear a collective groan from my “get out and play” parents as they read this last sentence)

So… I turned to the next best thing, my iPhone, and eventually focused on the Hipstamatic app I bought a few weeks ago. I purchased this after hearing that it was “sooo cool” from my neighbor, but initially was turned off when I found out that it isn’t as easy as a point-and-shoot, you actually have to pick which “lens,” “film” and even which “flash” you want to use. It’s like using Instagram except you have to actually do work and use your mind and stuff. No, thank you.

Now that I was bored out of my mind I decided to start playing around all the settings because, well, that sounded better than staring at the wall. Now…I’m kinda hooked. I ended up running all over the room snapping off pictures, which didn’t really help much in the way of Chase’s nap. These were all taken using the Jimmy Lens, which I love  because it gives a very nostalgic look to the photos. This fit the setting perfectly since the bed & breakfast we chose was advertised as being “historic” and they were not joking.