Reasons to get knocked up

When you’re dating someone and are above the age of 17, it is hard to go to family functions without being barraged by questions along the lines of “Do you think the two of you will get married someday?”

When you’re in your twenties and have been dating someone for oh say, 5 years, this is the first thing asked by everyone you meet, except of course family members that have now graduated to questions like “Seriously, are you two EVER going to get married??”

When you do finally decide to get married, you might think you will have a reprieve from such interrogation, but please, don’t get your hopes up. Now everyone absolutely must know when you might be having kids. This is actually a lot more embarrassing, since it’s a firm acknowledgment to your immediate family that yes indeed, you and your husband/wife do actually have plans to have sex at some point in your marriage, a fact that is not normally spoken of and in my opinion is best ignored.

PS – if you ever want to see me and Chase look embarrassed, just wait until we’re sitting at dinner with my parents and then ask us if we’re going to have “conjugal visits” during my 3-month trip to Asheville. Aunt Sara, I’m looking at YOU.

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