The TSA will use this as evidence

Disclaimer: If any government or TSA agents are reading this, please note that my blog is prone to exaggeration. So when I say I want to “kill” a gate agent, I really mean, “shower them in butterflies and rainbows.” Also, I am totally not violent, FYI. We cool?

Chase and I came out to LA for the week to attend a friend’s wedding, and to catch up with old friends and favorite restaurants. You know that saying, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey?” Whoever said that has apparently never flown Delta. Fuck the journey, I’m not traveling again until they invent teleportation. Let me break down how our journey to LA went:

Thursday, June 27th


While sitting on the airplane in Asheville that is supposed to be leaving for Detroit, we’re told that a huge storm has passed over the city, and we now have to get off the plane and wait for at least 1 1/2 hours to find out if there is even a chance of us leaving tonight. Chase and I de-plane and head straight to the bar, where we order beers and fight over whether or not I should have realized when booking our ticket that of course Detroit would have a weather delay in June.


Our plane is cleared to depart and I am assured by a perky gate agent that even if we don’t make our original connection, we are guaranteed to make the later flight to Los Angeles.


We sit on the runway for 30 minutes waiting to take off. I regret not having a second beer at the bar.


We arrive in Detroit. The last flight to Los Angeles is scheduled to leave at 10:00PM. I ask a gate agent if they could please call over to the flight and let them know that we are on our way. She merrily laughs in my face and says that I will just have to run to the gate and hope the plane is still there. I consider killing her but don’t have the time to spare.


After running at full speed from the very end of one terminal to the far end of another one (because it is a federal law that connecting flights cannot be near each other) I arrive breathless and panting at the gate only to be told the plane just left. The gate agent cheerfully informs me that that no, they never hold planes for passengers. I consider killing her but am too busy trying not to vomit. I also make a mental note to do more cardio at the gym.


Chase and I arrive at the re-booking gate. There are approximately 25 different lines that we can stand in, but no one directs us where to go. We pick a line and hope for the best.

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Happy Monday

I’ve spent the last week in North Carolina, primarily to attend a wedding of some dear friends, but also to lay groundwork for our upcoming move. A week in the mountains during October was perhaps what I needed most at this moment. The air was clean and crisp, the landscape lush green with patches of bright orange and red poking through the trees, thunderstorms woke us up as rain splattered down on the roofs, and all I could think was how much I have missed the autumn season.

Maybe this move won’t be so bad after all.

Oh, hello again

Holy crap ya’ll – I have been major neglectful of this blog. But I’ve also been on a whirlwind of traveling and I’m just now starting to recover.

First we spent a weekend in Vegas to celebrate Chase’s 30th birthday (also known as the “he’s getting old birthday”. We rented a cabana by the pool and totally got called out for our, as they called it, “inappropriate” sign (bottom-right, above), and then we were like, “really? we can’t have a sign with profanity hanging inside the cabana?” and they were all, “no, this is a family establishment,” and we were like, “how is it okay to have staggering drunk people and big breasted women wearing shoe strings, but a swear word is unacceptable?” and then they were like, “there are children here,” and I was like “and also prostitutes.”

But ultimately, Mandalay Bay won the day, and most of my money.

My next stop was in Asheville. Well, first it was the Chicago airport where I spent a whopping 8 hours on a flight delay and read most of my currently favorite summer reading, “The American Heiress.” If you’re a Downton Abby fan, go pick this up immediately.

After taking in the mountain air I drove down to Charleston to help my sister pack up her apartment and move to Little Rock, AK for a medical fellowship. Sometimes I forget how much I love being around my sisters. I also forget how much I really hate packing, especially in the June heat of Charleston. But anything is possible with copious amounts of champagne.

And now I’m home…trying to take in everything that’s happened in the last 2 weeks and also work up the motivation to do anything but watch girly movies on my couch. Please forgive me, I hope to have my head on straight soon.

Five Things

A sneak peak of my next recipe, which tasted a lot better than I expected, so I’m pretty pumped to show it to you. A hint – there aren’t many other ingredients then what you see here.

You guys, I can’t stop cracking up over this photo Chase took in Seattle. I can only imagine how many tourists got lost before this sign was there to guide them.

I’ll admit that at the end of a long day of drinking for Cinco de Mayo I was totally being a little Debbie Downer about going out to see the super moon.

Me: “Guys, it’s THE MOON. The same one that’s been there SINCE FOREVER.”

Everyone else: “Yeah, but it’s bigger tonight, and it isn’t going to be that big for another 10 years. That makes it way cooler.”

And you know what? Everyone was totally right.

A Mother’s Day card for my mom. I honestly don’t even know if she’ll be able to read it, but I tried to pick one out that had lots of colors and textures in hopes she might be able to connect to it that way. I ache for the days when I would pick out cards with witty jokes instead.

Our suitcases are packed. AGAIN. We’re leaving bright and early for a whirlwind trip to Kansas to see my sister-in-law graduate college, followed by a long drive to Galveston, Texas for a much needed family vacation. I’ll try my best not to neglect my blog duties, see you back here soon. xoxo


Chase and I took off this past weekend on a trip to Seattle. We had no agenda, no overall purpose for being there. I want all of my vacations to be this way, where we just have the freedom to explore and wander. And I didn’t have to explain or justify why I don’t want to eat at chain restaurants on my vacation. I’m not always so fortunate.

The Bookstore Bar @ The Alexis Hotel: Cozy decor. AMAZING clam chowder. More whiskeys in once place than I have ever seen before. We loved this place.

Delancey & The Pantry – You might have heard of them from this girl or this girl. It is absolutely not fair that I have now eaten this pizza and can’t order it here in Los Angeles. It also isn’t fair that Brandon, the owner of Delancey, was teaching a class about making pizza at home and we weren’t able stay due to the fact that those classes sell out in nanoseconds.  I may or may not be planning a trip to kidnap Brandon and force him to tell me all his secrets.

Brunch at Revel. The only regret I have from the trip is that we weren’t able to taste everything on the menu. It’s entirely possible that I considered asking the people next to us at the bar if I could have one little bite of their dishes. If you’ve ever eaten there I’m sure you understand.

Molly Moon’s makes some of the BEST ice cream I’ve ever had. I tasted chocolate, Earl Grey and then finally settled on salted caramel.

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