Lame omens

This isn’t a real post. It’s more of an announcement that the internet has officially made me feel old. Did you hear that internet? You win, so slap yourself some high-fives and lay off for a while. See, I’m 29. 2-9.  I still proudly tell people that I’m “in my twenties,” when in every other way I relate more to people in their 30s. Case in point: As an attempt to avoid actual work last week, I looked at this link:

30 Hashtags Every Thirtysomething Actually Needs

And I was like, this post is speaking to me (except the being single stuff. Thank god I accomplished something society asked of me. That thing about turning down music? True story.) Then I looked at this link:

20 Hashtags Every Twentysomething Actually Needs

And I realized – I cannot relate to any of these anymore. I have vague recollections of what it must have felt like to be this person, but now she’s gone. (Side note – I’m sure there’s a much sadder conclusion to be drawn about me judging my life stage by BuzzFeed lists, but let’s just let is slide for now.)

Also – THIS. THIS is when I realize I’m older than I ever imagined. Continue Reading →

Reflections on 2013


What I learned in 2013:

Bad things happen. To everyone. But happiness is a choice, so stop complaining like you’re special and start focusing on the positive.

Home is more than a location. You might think it’s important to live somewhere “cool,” but at the end of the day all that will matter are the good moments you spent with good people. And that can happen anywhere.

Stop expecting your life to turn out how you pictured it at age 18, and you might actually figure out what you need to be happy. FYI – you didn’t know shit at age 18.

Don’t worry about what other people think. I’m 29, officially old enough to choose my career, pick out the clothes I want to wear, and have an educated opinion on world issues. If anyone disagrees with those decisions, I’m old enough to not change a damn thing.

You need to spend more time outside. Because it’s beautiful. Because you will never regret an afternoon spent hiking in the woods, but you might regret spending an afternoon watching reality shows.

You were a big year, 2013. You made me struggle, cry, and question every life choice I’ve made. Thanks for the bad times, because they made me stronger. And thanks for the good times, because they made me want more.

Here’s to an even better 2014. Thanks to everyone for reading xoxo

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I couldn’t be more surprised

I thought I wouldn’t be ready for fall this year. Our first winter back on the East coast dragged on into May, obliterating any enjoyable spring days. Summer never really showed up and sent in it’s place an endless stream of rainy days that rarely broke 80 degrees. In the absence of a hot, steamy summer I initially wasn’t looking forward to cool weather returning once again.

So it couldn’t have come as a bigger surprise when after the first few crisp days arrived, I not only felt the need to throw on a jacket but an uplift in my spirits as well. Instead of going into fall kicking and screaming I’m embracing it with open arms. I order pumpkin spice lattes anytime I’m near Starbucks, I packed up my tank tops and swapped them out for chunky sweaters, and I’m blending just about everything in my refrigerator into soups. Continue Reading →


Yesterday I had one of those awful bad days. It’s the kind of thing where one little thing sets you off and suddenly all you see is horror and destruction around you, instead of the things you have, like sunshine and vodka.

I was annoyed at one of my friends and stewed about it for a few hours. I wanted to call my mom to discuss the issue, but I can’t, so instead I told Chase I needed to take a nap and just cried for about an hour instead. Then I checked Twitter and saw a tweet about how the Earth is slowly turning into desert and I completely forgot about the other issues because all I could think about was how the Earth is slowly turning into a freaking desert and we’re all going to die soon anyway, or we’ll all just be living in a desert. This is all completely true. The stuff about how I spent my day, that is. I think it’s true about the desert thing too, but don’t want to get in a Global Warming debate right now. If anyone has really compelling evidence as to why the whole thing is a sham I would really love to agree with you.

I know – I am an Olympian worrier. Give me one little annoyance at a friend and I will turn that shit into global destruction by mid-afternoon. If only they had a category for it I could be in London right now, watching the opening ceremonies and worrying that we’re going to be hit with a terrorist attack.

PS – sorry for the utterly depressing post. Today as I write this, my husband is making me coffee and I have a red-velvet chocolate bar and the world seems a bit brighter. (It’s probably from the sun, which is slowly frying my skin through the whole in the ozone layer).

I promise I’ll stop now.

PSA – hotels don’t always have free internet

A few things:

1) Thank you to everyone that left a comment or email offering your support and condolences. It means a lot. If it I didn’t respond, please take it as evidence of my debilitating internet awkwardness and not my lack of emotion over your words.

No really, thanks.

2) I’m in the Seattle airport, about to fly home. I haven’t had internet in 4 days because I refuse to pay $12.95 for internet on my computer when I own an Iphone, but that means I’ve pretty much been unable to work on a blog post since then. Once I tried writing something on my tiny phone screen, but when uploading a photo proved to be more complex than putting together an Ikea desk I almost threw it into a wall, which would have been more expensive ultimately than just paying $12.95 for internet, but a $5 beer was cheaper than all those options so it’s the one I went with.

I have things I want to share. Lots of photos from Seattle and a recipe that you should make before it gets too hot to even consider boiling big pots of food over a stove. I promise, it’s coming.

Until then, please check this out:

PS: I did not make this. Honestly, I can’t draw nearly this well, and I only wish I could be this funny. I found it here, and I can’t tell from the site who did create it but you should give them credit. Thanks.

PSS: Actually, I can’t even take credit for finding this on the internet. My hilariously funny friend did, and I would totally link him here, but he doesn’t have anything like a blog or Twitter even though he SHOULD, and if he’s reading this blog like ANY GOOD FRIEND would do he would take it as a subtle hint.

PSSS – If you made it all the way to end of this post you are really awesome and I can’t believe you thought I was interesting enough to read all the way down here. I wish I had more to offer…

Here’s a link for your troubles.

Make Your Own Tamales

Until I moved to California I had never actually eaten a tamale. Now, I am hopelessly addicted, but I’m getting a little tired of eating the usual chile & cheese that they have at the farmers market, which is why taking a tamale class at Tarasco’s sounded like such an awesome idea. You can check out my full review on the class over at Johnny, but here’s a tutorial if you want to give it a try at home. (forgive the terrible Iphone photos, but I am super self-conscious about lugging a big camera around with me in public. I’m afraid everyone will think I’m some wannabe-blogger. As if, right?)

You should be able to find masa at your local grocery store, and then mix with water and/or broth according to the package directions and let sit 24hrs. Yes, 24 hours. If you’re reading this right now and were hoping to eat tamales for dinner tonight, I’m really sorry.

BTW – best part about making tamales at home? You can flavor the masa with all sorts of spices. We used a mix of garlic powder, chili powder and cumin. Holy shitakes, it is tasty.

Lay out a corn husk (you can also find these at most local grocery stores now), with the “bumpier” side facing up. (feel the ridges of the husk, you’ll notice that one is a little “smoother”). Spread a very thin layer of masa over the entire husk, leaving a 1/4 inch border around the edges.

Sprinkle some of your toppings in a little row down the center of the tamale. I have some veggies and cheese here, but go with meat if you’re into that kind of thing.

Now bring the edges of the tamale up to meet each other. With the edges pinched together, push all of the masa & filling down toward the bottom so it forms a tight little tube. Then open the corn husk again. Continue Reading →

You. Guys. Rock.

To everyone that wrote me a comment yesterday – thank you. It lifted me up in ways that I never thought the opinions of total strangers could do.

And to everyone that keeps coming back time and again to read my ramblings – thank you. Whether you come to mock or enjoy my posts, I appreciate you taking time to visit.

I tried really hard to draw a heart to show my appreciation, but all I ended up with were a bunch of reminders of why I don’t like to draw. BUT I DID IT ALL FOR YOU.

Seriously though – xoxoxoxoxoxox

Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

I found a recipe on Pinterest for strawberry hot chocolate and was like, “Oh shit that sounds awesome!” until I went to the website and saw that all they did was take strawberry ice cream and heat it up over an oven. In addition to sounding disgusting I also consider it a total cop-out of an excuse for a recipe. I mean, I’m all about easy recipes that don’t take a long time, but seriously? If the entire thing is one ingredient and the only step is to “heat it up” then it is not worthy of its own space on the internet. It’s like when I try to google “spiced eggnog” and the top three recipes have “eggnog” as an ingredient. And they tell you to add cinnamon to it. Really? Thanks for the tip, douche-canoe.

Sorry, the point that I’m trying to get to is that I still thought strawberry hot chocolate sounded awesome but I was absolutely not going to heat up ice cream on the principle that that is fucking stupid. So, I made this instead. And you know what? It tastes just like warm, creamy, melted strawberry ice cream. Only a lot better. Cause I said so.

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There are few things I love more than brunch, pretty much because it’s one of the only times when it’s appropriate to say “Why yes, I would love some alcohol with my breakfast.”

This lovely spread was had at Olive & Thyme. When I took these photos I told my friend “Man, I must look SO COOL taking photos of my food, since everyone will know I HAVE BLOG and because NO ONE IN LOS ANGELES has a blog, right?”

These are they times I wish someone had invented a sarcasm font.

In case you’re not from here – everyone in Los Angeles AND their sister AND their unborn baby has a blog. Cause we are all REALLY AWESOME over here. Duh.