Chocolate is way better than vanilla

Has anyone else discovered those Hold the Cone things at Trader Joe’s?? Those things are like crack in our house, ya’ll. Except I only like the chocolate ones and Chase likes vanilla, which leads to conversations like this:

Chase: Why did you eat the last vanilla cone?

Me: I didn’t eat the last one.

Chase: Obviously you did since there aren’t any more!

Me: I don’t even like the vanilla ones. If anyone ate them it would be you.

Chase: There’s no way I ate that whole box by myself.

Me: Chase, I don’t like them. You must have eaten them all yourself.

Chase: Did I? I don’t remember it…

Me: Here’s the thing, you can’t pass the blame onto someone else when there are only two of us here. And don’t even think about trying to blame the dog. You know she’d prefer the chocolate cones too.

Chase: I guess I did eat them. That sucks. I want one now.

Me: Nice job. You even outsmarted yourself this time.

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One Thought on “Chocolate is way better than vanilla

  1. Hilarious!! This sort of thing happens at my house all the time, too funny!

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