Crusts and all

Morning Toast

This is not a recipe. This isn’t even that interesting, it’s just a shout-out to what has become my favorite breakfast these days.

At our house, weekend breakfasts are reserved for pancakes, waffles, or homemade biscuits. In other words, weekends are for hearty, complex menus that draw-out the breakfast process, whereas weekdays are all about simplicity. Granola, oatmeal, or my most favorite, toast. While buttermilk pancakes and made-from-scratch biscuits will always be worth the extra effort, I could never say that I like them more than my toast, especially when the bread is fresh from a local bakery and served with a poached egg or fresh jam spread over the top.

It’s possible my fondness for this breakfast is due to the fact that I typically eat it in the solitude of a weekday morning. While I look forward to my weekend mornings, when I can read a book in bed until Chase is ready to get up, and he’ll go about making coffee while I whip up breakfast, there is something satisfying about munching loudly on crispy toast all alone, while even the dog is still asleep.

I’ve got more recipes coming, and there are quite a few I’m excited to share. But until things slow down a bit and I have the time to properly prepare a full recipe post, I wanted to share what I’m actually eating in my kitchen, as boring as it may be. Thanks for reading xoxo

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One Thought on “Crusts and all

  1. Tasha on May 11, 2014 at said:

    I miss poached eggs. A LOT.

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