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Let’s get something straight right now – I am not a crafty, DIY kind of person.  Pinterest, however, has begun to warp my brain. I have now spent enough hours looking at adorable little projects that I am actually starting to think that I could make a coffee table out of palates, a chandelier out of wine bottles or maybe I could even…sew something! Obviously I have been huffing on something a little too strong cause I can’t even darn socks. Mainly cause I don’t know what that means. I mean, when someone says “darn” socks I think that it’s like you stand over a pile of socks and yell “Darn you socks!” over and over again. Probably because you have 20 single socks with no pair, and how is that even possible when you’ve never bought 20 different types of socks? I mean, really, who’s pink sock is this cause it is NOT mine!

But I digress…

Seriously though, this was maybe the easiest project ever. All you need are coffee beans, an old candle votive and some spray paint, and it too me less than an hour to complete. Well… not if you’re including the time it took to go to Michael’s and buy spray paint and I had to fight through all the Mommy Halloween craft *itches, and then a store clerk had to get the paint out of a locked cage and escort it to the cash register because apparently that stuff is a hotter item than Sudafed these days.

Sorry everyone, the coffee was extra strong today. But… if you have spray paint on hand then this will definitely take you less than an hour. Here’s what you do:

Fill up your votive with coffee beans so you know how much you need. Otherwise you might not have enough, which would mean more spray painting, or, you could end up with extra spray painted coffee beans which look remarkably like wasted coffee beans and that is just Bad News Bears.

Lay out all your coffee beans on old newspaper. You should probably be outside when you do this. Preferably wearing old clothes and in an environment that could get get a little paint on it and not cause a family feud.

Now you just lightly spray them with your spray paint. I used a brushed silver, but you can totally go for whatever color you want. Except brown cause that would be redundant. Duh.

Let the paint dry, and then toss the beans around a bit to expose the unpainted sides, and spray paint again. I had to do this about 4 times to get everything fairly well covered.

Now you just pour the dried beans into your votive and find some pretty place to put this. Bask in your DIY goddess status.

11 Thoughts on “DIY Make Up Holder

  1. i LOVE this…such a great idea.

  2. I am SOOO not creative, so I sort of love this idea… may be trying it shortly :)

  3. I did not inherit a crafty gene but this looks like something I could manage. Would be great to be able to see my make-up rather than having to search for it.

  4. um. That is the BEST thing I’ve seen in ages.
    T x

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  6. Elise on November 10, 2011 at said:

    I just keep my makeup in a pretty glass from world market, though this is a really cute project. But what I REALLY wanted to say is how much I love that mascara! I use the same one and it’s awesome!

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  8. What a delightful idea!!!!!!!! thank you so much for sharing! :)

  9. I love this idea! I bought a huge bag of beans from Home Goods at a great price. The bag is double the price and half as many beans at all of the grocery stores.
    Thanks for the step by step! I will be doing this tomorrow.

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