Dogs, Dresses and Dances

I went to Charleston this past weekend for a wedding.

I walked down to the beach. The very same one that Chase and I were married on only a year ago. I wish that I would have had time to lounge in beach chairs with a rum beverage, but sadly that will have to wait for another anniversary trip, especially since Chase was stuck at work and couldn’t make it this time.

I did find the time to send Chase the above photo with the caption “Wish you were here.”

Hi, my name is Caroline and I am a shameless cheese ball.

I met my sister’s new greyhound, who originally came with the name “Judge” that was promptly changed to “Dobby”. Obviously he was way too silly looking for something as dignified boring as Judge.

And BTW – no, that is not a dead dog in the photo above, it just happens to be what Dobby looks like about 90% of the time. Apparently greyhounds are actually some of the laziest dogs you can have, exhibiting about as much energy on average as a lethargic sloth. For my sister, who is in her final year of residency and barely has time to change clothes or feed herself between shifts, this type of dog is exactly the sort of companion she needs.

Oh, and the fact that you can pile things on top of him and he is far to lazy to actually move away? That’s just the cherry on top. It would be a shame to tell you how much time I wasted doing this while I was there. It’s also a shame that my sister didn’t have more plush toys lying around, cause my skills in stacking were definitely not pushed to their limits.

The highlight of the weekend – I tried to iron my dress and totally BURNED A HOLE IN IT an HOUR before the wedding started!@#!$&!! This was immediately followed by me trying to act like I was fine in front of my stepfather, (No really, I mean, it’s only brand new and made of shimmery fabric, but I really didn’t like it anyway) which was then followed with a phone call to Chase that resulted in a total tearful meltdown which would have been more fitting if a real tragedy had occurred or if I was four and had lost my favorite My Little Pony (That shit will scar you for life).

Finally, I put my big girl panties on… drove to a nearby Kohl’s… bought a dress and…went to the wedding. See? I am totally getting better at being an grown-up.

And oh yeah, there was a wedding. It was beautiful, and was immediately followed by this first dance from the bride and groom, which should give you an idea of what kind of a couple they are together.

Chris & Morgan – I will be sure to hang onto this video so your future children have something to roll their eyes at. I love you and you’re welcome.

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3 Thoughts on “Dogs, Dresses and Dances

  1. Tere Payne on October 6, 2011 at said:

    My goodness — on your “dress recovery” and the dance. Can’t wait to visit your mom and Henry the first of the week.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and this post and am seriously am wheezing laughing at the greyhounds pics… oh and the video commentary. I like your style.

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