Don’t trust me with your plants

My friends got together and sent me this plant when my mother passed away. It is perhaps the most beautiful piece of foliage that has ever been given to me, and I amĀ  consumed with fear of killing it. Because really, I should not be trusted with plants. My mother was an extraordinary green thumb, but that is not a trait she passed to me. The annoying habit of mouthing my words when I’m lost in thought? Yeah, I got that one, but plants wither at the mere sight of me.

When this first arrived, I thought it was absolutely lovely and then proceeded to not water it or put it in sunlight for about 2 weeks. Because grieving or not, I just don’t ever think about those kinds of things, until the leaves turn a frightening shade of yellow. So, I dumped water on the plant and set it on my deck hoping and praying it will be healed by the sun. At least this way if it dies, I can just blame it on Mother Nature instead. I mean, she can be kind of a bitch.

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One Thought on “Don’t trust me with your plants

  1. I am sorry about your Mom. Cutoff the yellow leaves and repot it, looks like you still have it wrapped in paper, throw that out

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