First Signs of Spring

Forsythia Tulips 2

Forsythia 2 Tulips

There are few sights more welcomed than those first forsythia buds struggling to bloom, or the green tulip leaves peaking out from the remnants of last year’s garden. It means the end is near, that is, the end of a depressing, soul-sapping winter and the start of a warm, joyous Spring. Someone make sure Mother Nature got the memo. That woman is forgetful.

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2 Thoughts on “First Signs of Spring

  1. Henry on March 19, 2014 at said:

    Yeah, only four more nights at 31ยบ or below (Su – We) in the 10-day forecast. Hang in there, blooms.

  2. As a Clevelander, I have never been so ready for Spring. Even though the winter was brutal, there is something so comforting about the transition of the four seasons! I love the anticipation.

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