From China to Taiwan

Here’s a little weekend fun for you:

Go to Google Maps, and click on “directions”. Then enter “China” as your starting point and “Taiwan” as your ending point.

Scroll down to instruction #48:

Yes indeed. After turning left it recommends that you swim across the Pacific Ocean. I suggest that on this particular trip you pack lightly.

Even better: change your starting point to “United States” and then find instruction #31:

Since this distance across the ocean is a bit longer, I guess they recommend that you upgrade to a kayak instead of your arms, although one could debate the merits of each option. This also suggests that if you were to choose a kayak to cross from China to Taiwan you are obviously a weenie.

Question – has anyone, in the history of the world, gone across the Pacific Ocean in a kayak?

My favorite part actually is instruction #33. Imagine the guy that kayaks his ass across the ocean only to arrive and wonders A) What am I supposed to do with this kayak now and B) Where the F*CK is Kuilima Dr.??

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4 Thoughts on “From China to Taiwan

  1. Ronda on July 18, 2011 at said:

    That is so awesome, thanks

  2. Colleen on August 23, 2011 at said:

    you had me with the coneflowers, but after reading this post, and seeing ‘swim across the pacific ocean’, i’m hooked

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