Fun in the Mud

I ran my first mud run on Saturday, which after I described it to my dad he said it sounded like “what the army forced him to do” and therefore he had some trouble understanding why I was doing this voluntarily during my own free time. I will say that if you are looking for a physical challenge that incorporates a variety of obstacles to really test your fitness, a mud run is right up you alley. Or if you don’t mind getting dirty and want to have interesting photos to post on Facebook. I like to think that I fell somewhere in the middle of these two categories. That being said, here are a couple photos:

Here we are before the race – so clean and naive.

At this point we were making nervous conversation with the people around us and trying to speculate on how cold the mud was.

The hardest part of a mud run?  Climbing up the hills to get out of the mud pits once they’ve been made slick by everyone that climbed up it before you.

My friend and I had a disagreement over which obstacle was scarier – the climbing wall made from wooden planks that shook every time someone moved on it, or this really tall net that didn’t always lend itself to proper footholds. As someone who is not a fan of heights, these were far more difficult than any sort of test the mud put me through.

A couple of tips if you plan on doing one of these runs:

1) Bring a plastic bag to put your clothes in afterward. Otherwise you’ll take everything off and be all, “wait, what do I do with these now?”

2) Don’t tape your shoes, unless your shoes are really loose on your feet, in which case, what you really need is to have someone teach you about proper shoe fit.

3) Bring a friend and ask them to take photos. You’ll want someone to document this madness. Offer them booze if necessary.

4) If you’re worried that you’re not in good enough shape to do this, just look at the other contestants when you get there. I promise you’ll see people that will make you feel better about yourself.

5) Leave your rings at home.

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2 Thoughts on “Fun in the Mud

  1. Looks like a lot of fun and you look like such a trooper! Congrats!

  2. Julie Harvin on June 14, 2012 at said:

    Ugh! Toe shoes! We’ll talk next week about this.

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