Happy Friday

1. It’s supposed to be fall up in here, but right now the temperature is 100˚ outside. Every morning I achingly look to my jeans and my cute scarves and then instead reach for the shorts and tank top again.

2. Pumpkin lattes are here. This is the first of many for the season.

3. I made my first poached egg two days ago, and now I can’t imagine making eggs any other way. If you’ve never made poached eggs here are some things to know:

a) They are really, really easy.
b) Crack the egg into a small bowl before dumping it in the water.
c) Splash a little white vinegar in the water. I don’t know why, but it keeps the egg white together.
d) Swirl the water right before dumping in the egg. Again, it keeps the egg white all together.
e) For any other questions, check out this tutorial from Smitten Kitchen.

4) Last week I made this broth from Jennifer Perillo using corn cobs, and then I made a heavenly corn chowder using the kernels from those cobs. That corn chowder might have been the highlight of my week, which either gives you an idea of what my personal life it like, or how much I love corn chowder.

5) Most days I look at our upcoming move with more than a little apprehension. Right now though, when I know that the temperature in NC is a crisp 70˚ F and the leaves are just starting to turn into brilliant shades of color, I wish it had already happened. I wish that my things were already in boxes, had already been loaded on a truck, and that we were currently sitting in our new house in the mountains. But then I return to the present, and I continue to put off pulling out even a single box, or picking an actual move date, or in general acknowledging that in a few short months Los Angeles will no longer be my home.*

*If anyone wants to get me a Christmas gift, I’m lacking in tiny violins.

6. It’s been a long time since I was really excited about a movie release, but “The Great Gatsby” has me counting the days. It’s the only thing that makes me want the fall season to go by faster. Until then I’ll be happy to linger a little longer with my pumpkin lattes.

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One Thought on “Happy Friday

  1. Tere on September 14, 2012 at said:

    Get busy, girl! The south awaits. :)

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