Happy Friday

Summer is here, as evident by the flowers blooming outside my apartment. It’s a constant reminder that I need to spend more time outdoors.

Two new favorite alcohol finds. On the left, a whiskey & honey liquer, which is perfect just poured straight over ice. On the right, a spiced rum that tastes like caramel. Heeelllllooo summer beverages!

It’s always fun to rediscover a childhood favorite. This one was a particular pleasure of mine.

We bought this vase on our honeymoon in Mexico, and it sits on a shelf in our living room. I love decorating our home with items like this as constant reminder of happy memories. Heres hoping to more in the future :)

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One Thought on “Happy Friday

  1. Spiced rum!? That sounds yummy. Rum makes my face turn bright red though…

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