Happy Post-Thanksgiving

I’ve missed you all these past few days! Did you miss me? Here’s a run-down of what’s been happening:

2 days before Thanksgiving: My friends and I opt to stay in and watch a movie as opposed to going out. Mainly because we fear our sexiness would cause a riot at the bar.

1 day before Thanksgiving: Prep for the big day. Sweet potato casserole and classic stuffing that I found here. My only note on the stuffing: double the amount of eggs and broth. It was a touch dry, but otherwise perfect.

Thanksgiving Day: this is actually what it takes to get the turkey from the oven to the counter. I’m sure there are S.W.A.T. team maneuvers that are less intense and involve less yelling.

Another Thanksgiving Day moment. I shall call it, “What I’m thankful for.”

1 day after Thanksgiving: Leftover stuffing + poached egg = the perfect breakfast.

Weekend after Thanksgiving: I do anything to avoid packing, including playing video games I had forgotten about since middle school.*

Today: I’m about to hit the “Publish” button, and then it’s back to the packing grind. Siiiiigggggghhhhhhh….

*I totally know that if you duck Mario down right there you can go get a whistle to a far away land. Like a boss.

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One Thought on “Happy Post-Thanksgiving

  1. Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Poached eggs over stuffing is GENIUS! Props for the Mario 3. We recently dug up our SNES and started playing Super Mario World again :)

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