Happy Wednesday

I saw this arrangement in the lobby of the Beverly Wilshire hotel and am still entranced by it. I’ve felt intimidated to try my own flower arranging at home, but apparently all you need is a lot of one beautiful color. The more you know…

There are few things that make me happier than a new pair of jeans. Three pairs of jeans, that I justified purchasing due to the 20% discount that GAP gave to voters yesterday, have me dancing around like the prettiest pretty princess. Screw tulle and sequins, all I need is boot cut denim.

A yummy snack that my sister insisted I try and now I am STRONGLY insisting you try it. Just roast some red seedless grapes in a little bit of olive oil until they burst, and then spoon over ricotta cheese on crostini. Simple. Awesome.

Regardless of how you feel about last night’s election results, at least we can all be thrilled that it’s over, am I right?? Also, I will send a cookie to anyone who can tell me what all those languages are on my sticker.

The most bittersweet part of my week: The packing has officially started. I have absolutely no idea what kind of wine Josh Cellars sells, but true to form liquor stores are still one of the best places to get boxes. I expect the moving company to just assume we’re some big ol’ lushes, which might not be far from the truth once we get further into this moving/packing situation.

Have a good week everyone, I’ll be over here trying to take deep breaths.

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