Happy Wednesday

Remember when your parents would force you to try vegetables when you were a kid? Well, mine obviously thought I was a pathological liar and that despite the fact I had always claimed to hate squash every single time they made me try it, they seemed to think that I must secretly love gagging on eating it and was just playing a weird squash mind game. So I was forced to try summer squash on a regular basis, and after years of forced squash-eating I can confirm that I really, really hate it. It makes me sad when I go to our farmer’s markets and the booths are overflowing with beautiful selections and I can’t bring myself to give it another go. Thanks Mom & Dad, I’ll be sending my squash therapy bill to your house.

We have friends that will call us on a spur of the moment for grilling out, and as completely snobby as this sounds, our favorite thing to do is stop over at Whole Foods on the way to their place. A salmon burger, a fresh deli salad and a Banana Bread beer is all I need for the perfect cook-out meal.

I was first introduced to the game of Battle Shots on Pinterest and became obsessed with the idea of actually playing it. The best part is that all of my friends who initially didn’t share my enthusiasm became completely hooked over the 4th of July. I know, right? Obviously I should be looking into better friends because who couldn’t tell immediately that this is one of the most awesome games on the planet?

Tip: Don’t play with full liquor shots! Beer and/or mixed drink “shots”, with a couple of straight tequila ones mixed in is the best way to go!

I have a full-on obsession going with artichokes right now and our entire apartment is starting to smell like them since I seem to have one boiling on the stove morning, noon and night. My favorite way to prepare them is by boiling in water with half a lemon and a couple bay leaves, and then dipping the cooked leaves in some plain Greek yogurt.

My all-time favorite wine for the summertime: Menage a Trois’ rosé. Am I the only rosé fan who feels the need to wear a T-shirt that says, “I know my wine is pink but I promise it’s not white zinfandel so stop looking at me like that!”?

Hope you all are living up your summer. Thanks for reading XOXO

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4 Thoughts on “Happy Wednesday

  1. I feel you. Everyone sadly thinks rose = white zin. Whatevs, more rose for us! ps I need to play Battle Shots. Genius!

  2. Battle Shots?! Omg that’s amazing!

  3. If you make those t-shirts I will totally buy one! I have never tried that Rose before, I am totally gonna track a bottle down for this weekend! Thanks.

  4. I SO know that feeling about rose! I love a good rose (dry, not sweet!) but I always feel a bit like I need to hide the glass – unless it is sitting immediately next to the clearly marked bottle. This sometimes leads to me annoyingly and repeatedly discussing why I like the wine – “Mmmm, I love a good dry rose, don’t you – so refreshing! Not like that gross ‘white zinfandel'” I will have to try Menage a Trois. My favourite roses are all local the province I live in – I will have to branch out :)

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