Hipstamatic is Ruining My Marriage

Okay, so Chase has FINALLY arrived in town for a visit and this past weekend we decided to rent out a room at a bed & breakfast in Asheville so that we could take in the sites and have some, ahem, privacy. I have forgotten in the two months that we’ve been apart that Chase is capable of sleeping far longer and more often than me. He sees sleeping as a recreational activity to be engaged in whenever possible, whereas I view it as something I have to do when my body makes me. This resulted in me being completely bored out of my mind when he took a nap one afternoon and I was left wide awake and realized I had OF COURSE left my kindle at home. I flipped through channels on the TV in the room but apparently this hotel was under the impression that everyone else staying there would be content enough to just take in the mountain scenery, considering the line-up consisted of only two channels, one of them being a constant weather forecast. I mean, nature is awesome and all but where are my Housewives? (if you listen carefully you can hear a collective groan from my “get out and play” parents as they read this last sentence)

So… I turned to the next best thing, my iPhone, and eventually focused on the Hipstamatic app I bought a few weeks ago. I purchased this after hearing that it was “sooo cool” from my neighbor, but initially was turned off when I found out that it isn’t as easy as a point-and-shoot, you actually have to pick which “lens,” “film” and even which “flash” you want to use. It’s like using Instagram except you have to actually do work and use your mind and stuff. No, thank you.

Now that I was bored out of my mind I decided to start playing around all the settings because, well, that sounded better than staring at the wall. Now…I’m kinda hooked. I ended up running all over the room snapping off pictures, which didn’t really help much in the way of Chase’s nap. These were all taken using the Jimmy Lens, which I love  because it gives a very nostalgic look to the photos. This fit the setting perfectly since the bed & breakfast we chose was advertised as being “historic” and they were not joking.

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9 Thoughts on “Hipstamatic is Ruining My Marriage

  1. hahaha….wow. Just wow. 😉

  2. haha….great story and I loved the pics

  3. Alejandrda on June 30, 2011 at said:

    What a cute place! You have a great husband haha.

  4. Everything about this post is fabulous! Especially the pictures!

  5. Tere Payne on July 1, 2011 at said:

    Great stuff!

  6. Well Chase looks wide awake, and camera ready!!!! So funny, oh to be bored in Asheville , never, never, when you visit next , just let us know. We live within walking distance to downtown, and know of all the must eat places, must have a cocktail places! I mean it get in touch, DO come back, screw the t.v!!!! Chase might miss out if he sleeps through this! Maggie

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