I don’t think Mickey would approve

This is my cousin Emily. Don’t let that innocent watermelon eating face fool you, she is not to be trusted. When we were about 10 years old my parents took us on a trip to Disney World and one afternoon we came up with a HILARIOUS game at the hotel pool where we would go under water, rip our bathing suits off and then slip them back on before coming up to the surface.

Remember the good ole days when all you needed to do to be entertained was rip your clothes off in a public place in daytime? sigh…

Okay, so this was all clean, innocent fun until yours truly got her bathing suit tangled up and COULDN’T GET IT BACK ON. Instead of remaining calm and simply standing in the pool with just my head above water until I could untangle it, I went in to full panic mode and would only come up for a quick gasp of air before ducking back under the surface and trying to fix the suit by staring at it underwater with my chlorine-soaked eyes. You can only imagine how well this went.

And you know what my loyal cousin Emily did? She laughed her ass off. She laughed so hard that she was completely unable to help me at all, which only contributed to my panic. Soon I was near tears for fear that I was going to have to get out of the pool naked and explain to my parents how my suit had magically flown off my body and then been tied into knots, and Emily was laughing so hard she was in danger of cramping up and drowning. Which honestly, would have served her right.

I did eventually get the suit back on, no thanks to Ms. I-like-to-laugh-at-other-people’s-naked-misfortune. All I can say is that the next time I find myself without clothes in public and need assistance – I am sooooo not gonna call this girl.

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2 Thoughts on “I don’t think Mickey would approve

  1. Stacey on July 22, 2011 at said:

    I have a cousin just like that who’s my lifetime partner in crime! When we were 11 at Disney World, we decided that we definitely needed to go back to Disney World alone with our fictional boyfriends, and that 13 would be the perfect age to do so. Duh… 13 is SO mature. We schemed to move into the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, and spent all of our pool time reenacting the Indiana Jones stunt show.

  2. Emily on July 29, 2011 at said:

    Hahahaha, it’s true, I am SUCH a bad cousin. It was quite hilarious, though, I’m not gonna lie :) I’m actually crying from laughing so hard remembering it all over again!

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