I think it’s trying to tell you something

Let’s talk about this picture frame, shall we? Yes, it is absolutely a replica of the gates to Jurassic Park. It also happens to be a prized possession of my husband. There is something about this ridiculous picture frame that fills him with fond memories, though apparently none of these memories were caught on film since it still remains empty to this day.

However, I have quite a few memories associated with this picture frame, most of which involve me arguing with Chase over whether or not we should get rid of it. At least 2 times a year we will do a major cleaning of our apartment and without fail this stupid thing always comes up.

This past Saturday Chase had to work and so I was left home alone to clean the apartment, and I felt compelled to address the issue once again, which resulted in the following image/text conversation taking place:

Me: I think your picture frame has become suicidal.

Chase: I think you can leave my picture frame alone.

Me: “Chase, you never put pictures in me! I feel so unloved.”

Chase: You have too much time on your hands. How about doing my laundry?

Me: “But what about me? Don’t you care about me? Why do you insist on keeping me around??”

Chase: Love you too.

Sadly, after all that the frame has not only survived, but Chase is still vehemently insisting that this is a “really cool picture frame.” I think I’m going to insist that we place it on a very high ledge and hope that a “tragedy” doesn’t befall it.

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4 Thoughts on “I think it’s trying to tell you something

  1. Melissa Basler on September 26, 2011 at said:

    That is hilarious :) My boyfriend & I moved about 2 months ago & whilst doing so, designated a good 4 to 5 boxes of crap to get rid of (i.e. rummage sale/donation…) and it’s so funny the things that one is not willing to part with, no matter what. haha

    Love the pictures of the frame attempting suicide. Hilarious stuff!

  2. lol, you are a mess. and I love it, lmao

  3. Julie on October 5, 2011 at said:

    Maybe you can mention that this movie gave you nightmares and Dad had to sleep with you for at least one night if not two?!? They brought this story up the other night and kept saying how badly you really wanted to see this but that they didn’t think you were old enough yet (they didn’t want to admit that one parent had checked out the rating and the other who took you to see it had not).

    • Caroline on October 6, 2011 at said:

      oh man, leave it to my sister to remind me of all my embarrassing childhood moments 😉 This is really all the more reason to get rid of the frame – I’ll start telling Chase I’m getting nightmares again

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