I’ll have my soda and drink it too

Okay, there’s a lot going on in this photo. First off, yes, that is a hanging sign of a hen that has just popped out, to her horror, an ugly, wrinkled egg. This sign is the sign they use to try and attract tourists that drive by. “Honey, there’s a painting of a hen with an ugly egg over there!” “Really? You think they have good gifts for the kids?”

I dunno what to tell you, it’s a small town.

Two of my favorite phrases are below. 1) Good Food (yum! where??)  2) Life is Good. I know, I know, “Life is Good” is a corporate company that probably makes their clothes by employing underage kittens and isn’t just a random affirmation, but it makes me smile nonetheless.

Then of course, you have the beautiful Coke sign. Even if you’re a Pepsi person, this sign has to pull at the nostalgia strings a bit.

Not doing it for you? What about this one:

I realize that this is a billboard size advertisement for a company that many believe is on a mission to make all of our kids fat and unhappy, but nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite artworks in Hendersonville. The design hasn’t changed one iota from the classis coke artwork, they haven’t tried to jazz it up with different fonts or cartoon characters. It has been repainted, which makes you feel like you’ve just stepped back in time for a second and are living in a place where kids were out all day without calling their moms and bought candy for a penny.

Love, love, love this. It makes me happy on the inside.

It does not, however, prevent me from buying an A&W. Sorry, Coke.

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6 Thoughts on “I’ll have my soda and drink it too

  1. I love the old coke signs! And on a country restaurant wall, it’s like a promise of good food inside.

  2. i love that you’re home. (even if we haven’t talked/seen each other in a million years.)
    it just doesn’t seem right for Flat Rock/Hendersonville to exist without you in it.

  3. melissa on June 8, 2011 at said:

    enjoying your blog-i’ve been to the wrinkled egg, btw, and it did have cute stuff….awwh, i miss the south. we moved away from Greenville, SC last year, so all the places you are mentioning we used to visit from time to time. Enjoy your summer!

  4. Abby on June 9, 2011 at said:

    Seeing The Wrinkled Egg takes me back to high school! I went to camps and conferences at the Bonclarken campgrounds in Flat Rock and my family and I always went there for pizzas. They had this really awesome pie with spinach and goat cheese, and that pizza blew my high-school-sophomore mind when I first tasted it.
    I also remember a really great donut shop with the best apple fritters I’ve ever eaten, but I can’t remember the name :(

    Thank you for the flashback!!

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