Ladybugs are only kind of cute

We spent our first night in the new home this past Friday. It was mostly fine, except that apparently there is a bit of a lady bug infestation, something I kind of forgot is common here in the South. The cute little ladybugs get a bit chilly and decide they’ll just come warm up inside our lovely upstairs bedroom. This is becomes less cute after they starve to death and lay rotting in the carpet. Actually, the live ones aren’t really all that cute either since they fly around the room and make little tap, tap, tapping sounds as they run into the walls. This is especially charming when we’re trying to go to bed. I have to say that if we were sharing our bedroom with a less-cute variety of insect, such as a common black beetle or, God help me, a fucking cockroach, I would very well have called this whole house thing off by now. I realize of course that this is insect racial profiling, and I can probably go to jail for admitting such a thing, but there it is. I can go to sleep with a few ladybugs on the walls, but if a fucking cockroach ever shows it’s face I will probably just get in my car and head back to California right then and there.

The morning after our first night in the house I went downstairs to make breakfast, feeling super proud of myself for buying bread and eggs the night before AND locating a pan to cook them in. However, I had to eventually face the fact that I hadn’t exactly thought this whole thing through.

(Thinking to myself in the kitchen)

Eggs: Check!
Bread: Check!
Butter: Check!
Saute pan: Check!
Forks, Knives, Spoons: Ummm… we can use our hands…
Plates: Will paper towels work?
Spatula: Well shit.

So there ya go. Ladybugs. No idea where the things are (although I’ve made progress since the weekend).

Stay tuned… and thanks for reading. xoxo

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One Thought on “Ladybugs are only kind of cute

  1. Ladybugs are only cute when they’re outside! You should feel lucky you don’t live in our apartment though, which is home to spider, the occasional roach (that we see), and, most terrifyingly, house centipedes. Moving is always hard, especially the points where you really need something, but have no idea what box you put it in. Good luck!

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