No Explanation Needed

Sunday I took this picture, and it has made me smile all week long. Which is really saying something, given the kind of week I’ve had.

On Monday morning I tried to answer the phone at work and in my still-sleepy state I got tongue tied and spoke in complete gibberish to the person on the phone. I tried to cover this up by saying, “Oh sorry, we have a bad connection.” Maybe she actually believed that. Probably not.

Tuesday, it was raining when I left my office. Which should have been fine, since I remembered to bring my raincoat…except I forgot to take it out of my car, which was parked outside, about 10 yards from the door.

Wednesday, I realized that for no explicable reason I had been writing the date as 6/18 for the last three days. I swear to God this happened. I wrote the wrong date on paperwork for THREE DAYS IN A ROW.

Yesterday everyone in my office was sick. Except me. So yeah…that’s probably gonna happen soon. Given that I am slowly descending into being the gibberish speaking girl who doesn’t know what day it is, they might not mind if I’m out with a cold for a few days.

But back to the photo – this is my cousin Gil’s son Mo, who picked out this outfit all by himself. Gil was quick to explain that Mo wanted to wear a tie because he wanted to look like his Dad. There was no explanation offered for the cowboy boots, since of course, why would anyone ever need to explain the desire to wear cowboy boots?

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One Thought on “No Explanation Needed

  1. Mo looks so adorable!! You have a lovely picture!!

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