No-Good, Very Bad Day

You all remember the book “Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day” right? I got smacked in the face by one of those this weekend. And the thing about these terrible days is that they don’t even deserve sympathy. If I was in a car wreck and broke bones I wouldn’t feel too self-centered when I started crying and complaining about having a shitty day. Did anything that dramatic or life-threatening happen to me this weekend? Here, I’ll let you decide:

I went to the gym to take a spin class and ALL THE BIKES WERE ALREADY RESERVED. This was clearly going to de-rail my entire work-out program and now all of my hard work since January will have been for nothing and when I go to the beach in a few weeks and I will be doomed to have a muffin top because I missed ONE CLASS. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

I had a mildly irritating headache. For like THREE HOURS. It RUINED my afternoon NAP. I know, right? I mean, how can a person live like this?

Two of my friends went on a hike and forgot to invite me. And no, it obviously wasn’t an innocent mistake. They are CLEARLY conspiring against me and most-likely spent the whole time talking about me behind my back. Clearly.

We went to my first-ever Dodger game and it was cloudy, chilly and there were epically long lines to buy Dodger dogs, and when Chase finally got to the end of the really long line they were out of veggie dogs.  When I sat down in a bathroom stall a few minutes later and realized too late that there was no toilet paper I burst into tears. This obviously was not an overreaction by any means. Obviously. (luckily there were some unusually soft disposable seat covers at my disposal, or I might still be crying in that stall)

The day ended a bit better when Chase let me cry out some tears of frustration in the car without cracking one joke about the fact that I was acting like a baby, which was quite commendable of him under the circumstances. And then we bought In-N-Out for dinner, and the world was better again.

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2 Thoughts on “No-Good, Very Bad Day

  1. Fast food fixes all of those problems – so I’m really glad that you got some. At least, at the end of the day, you have a really supportive partner to help you weather the storm :)

  2. Hally on April 21, 2012 at said:

    Loved this post! Made me laugh out loud and saved it as a reminder for when I have bad days like this…

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