Oh, hello again

Holy crap ya’ll – I have been major neglectful of this blog. But I’ve also been on a whirlwind of traveling and I’m just now starting to recover.

First we spent a weekend in Vegas to celebrate Chase’s 30th birthday (also known as the “he’s getting old birthday”. We rented a cabana by the pool and totally got called out for our, as they called it, “inappropriate” sign (bottom-right, above), and then we were like, “really? we can’t have a sign with profanity hanging inside the cabana?” and they were all, “no, this is a family establishment,” and we were like, “how is it okay to have staggering drunk people and big breasted women wearing shoe strings, but a swear word is unacceptable?” and then they were like, “there are children here,” and I was like “and also prostitutes.”

But ultimately, Mandalay Bay won the day, and most of my money.

My next stop was in Asheville. Well, first it was the Chicago airport where I spent a whopping 8 hours on a flight delay and read most of my currently favorite summer reading, “The American Heiress.” If you’re a Downton Abby fan, go pick this up immediately.

After taking in the mountain air I drove down to Charleston to help my sister pack up her apartment and move to Little Rock, AK for a medical fellowship. Sometimes I forget how much I love being around my sisters. I also forget how much I really hate packing, especially in the June heat of Charleston. But anything is possible with copious amounts of champagne.

And now I’m home…trying to take in everything that’s happened in the last 2 weeks and also work up the motivation to do anything but watch girly movies on my couch. Please forgive me, I hope to have my head on straight soon.

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2 Thoughts on “Oh, hello again

  1. I can’t believe you couldn’t have that sign in Vegas. VEGAS of ALL places!? The world is a weird weird place

  2. Patty on July 6, 2012 at said:

    Love the prostitue retort!

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