One time, this didn’t totally suck

Okay, please try to ignore the pile of crap that you see in this photo. This post isn’t about that, but this just happens to be the only photo I have of our bathroom before it underwent a sudden transformation last week. I owe you all a post about our concrete floor upgrade, but for now let me just tell you this – it was a long road, full of unpleasant surprises. Like when we lifted the carpet off the floor only to discover that there were thick strips of dried carpet glue criss-crossing the entire floor that Chase had to sand off. Anyone that has done a remodeling project will understand this – things are never as easy as you think they will be. I thought we could rip out the carpet and stain the concrete floor in a week, and instead it took over a month.

However, I guess every once in a while life will throw you a bone. Last week Henry brought over a couple friends, John & Jane, that wanted to see our house. While standing in our bathroom Jane stated that we most likely had tile underneath the green carpet. I sort of shrugged it off, thinking that sure, maybe we had tile under there, but it was most likely covered in glue and nails and was more trouble than I could deal with right now. However, she decided to just lift up a corner of the carpet to check and this is what we found:

Beautiful, glue-free black and white tile. Before I even had a chance to snap a “before” photo, John, Jane, and Henry were all crowded in my bathroom, ripping up the carpet and carrying it out of the house.

It is a special type of person that will walk into your bathroom and rip out carpet without even being asked. In the span of 5 minutes my bathroom underwent what felt like a complete transformation.

*Side note – check out the wallpaper. I mean… who doesn’t love gold peacocks on their wall, right?

All I can say is it felt like some sort of karmic reward for the work we’ve done up until now. It was like our house was saying, “look, I know you had a rough time living without a kitchen for a month, and that concrete floor was totally NOT as simple as all those blogs made it sound, but here’s an easy change to make you feel like this isn’t all a completely uphill battle that can only be achieved through great expense and much argument.”

And then, because I was feeling so completely motivated, I decide to rip the carpet out of another bathroom, only to discover that tile was covered in carpet glue and the edges around the wall were broken and missing pieces and it is highly debatable that I in any way made an improvement, and now I need to figure out what the heck to do with that ugly floor. In other words, things are back to normal.

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3 Thoughts on “One time, this didn’t totally suck

  1. Tere Payne on June 26, 2013 at said:

    Life’s Two-Step: Two steps forward and one step back!
    (Love the bonus floor!)

  2. Stacey on July 1, 2013 at said:

    I cannot get over how awesome the first tile is! So glad the renovation threw you a bone!

  3. Wow looks like your having fun there, i know what its like i have been painting all the windows of my parents house and its taking me ages and i have only got half way so far :)

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