PSA – hotels don’t always have free internet

A few things:

1) Thank you to everyone that left a comment or email offering your support and condolences. It means a lot. If it I didn’t respond, please take it as evidence of my debilitating internet awkwardness and not my lack of emotion over your words.

No really, thanks.

2) I’m in the Seattle airport, about to fly home. I haven’t had internet in 4 days because I refuse to pay $12.95 for internet on my computer when I own an Iphone, but that means I’ve pretty much been unable to work on a blog post since then. Once I tried writing something on my tiny phone screen, but when uploading a photo proved to be more complex than putting together an Ikea desk I almost threw it into a wall, which would have been more expensive ultimately than just paying $12.95 for internet, but a $5 beer was cheaper than all those options so it’s the one I went with.

I have things I want to share. Lots of photos from Seattle and a recipe that you should make before it gets too hot to even consider boiling big pots of food over a stove. I promise, it’s coming.

Until then, please check this out:

PS: I did not make this. Honestly, I can’t draw nearly this well, and I only wish I could be this funny. I found it here, and I can’t tell from the site who did create it but you should give them credit. Thanks.

PSS: Actually, I can’t even take credit for finding this on the internet. My hilariously funny friend did, and I would totally link him here, but he doesn’t have anything like a blog or Twitter even though he SHOULD, and if he’s reading this blog like ANY GOOD FRIEND would do he would take it as a subtle hint.

PSSS – If you made it all the way to end of this post you are really awesome and I can’t believe you thought I was interesting enough to read all the way down here. I wish I had more to offer…

Here’s a link for your troubles.

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  1. Bed hogger – that is totally my role!

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