What I am missing most in my life right now, besides my sanity, is better music. When I start packing each morning I look to my iPod and realize there’s no song that fully encompasses how I’m feeling. It was easy when I moved to Los Angeles, since there is no shortage of songs that go, “I’m moving to the big city to pursue my dreams and it’s fine because sometimes you have to take risks in life,” blah, blah, blah. However, I’ve yet to find the, “my dreams ended up not being as much fun as I was hoping, so I’m moving back home and trying to be upbeat and excited,” theme song. Also missing are songs of, “we’ve been living an awesome life in the big city but now we’re settling down so that our families can ask us every five minutes when we’re having kids instead of the usual six months.”

Basically, I’m looking for a new soundtrack to my life. Any suggestions?

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8 Thoughts on “Soundtrack

  1. Tasha on December 7, 2012 at said:

    For the record, Jason and I won’t pepper you with those questions… We’ll just keep asking when the next visit will be :)

    As for soundtrack… “Mama I’m coming home” by Ozzy Osbourne?

  2. Caroline, have read your lovely blog for quite some time, so I’d love to finally comment! :) To answer your question: maybe this isn’t the exact “song” that you’re looking for… but I think the music on this CD (by yours truly) fits the spot you’re in right now and might provide some needed inspiration. The CD is entitled “Columbia: We Dare to Dream” and you can find it here: On the surface it appears to be “just” a tribute to those who have flown in space for the rest of us… but actually, the music is about hitting a low point in one’s life, picking oneself up, and then shooting for the stars. There’s even a small booklet of poems and photos that comes with each CD, meant to inspire. I do hope you’ll check it out, and that some of it might touch your heart and brighten your days.

    • Caroline on December 11, 2012 at said:

      Thank you so much Anne!! This is on my list, I’ll look it up soon :)

      • Caroline, so sweet of you to respond–especially when you’re in the thick of MOVING! Yikes, I wish you ALL the best… you will get through it, trust me. :) But I’m curious–where in NC are you moving to? I’m in NC, transplanted also from CA! If you can, jot me an email when you get settled… would love to connect & welcome you back here to Carolina. :)

  3. So…when are you having kids? 😉 John tells me that when I met him I was completely opposed to going back to the Hendo area (I was holding out for NYC again, but my husband hates it and I probably couldn’t get a job), but now I don’t think it’s such a bad idea and I’m looking for jobs there. No ideas on the soundtrack (Liszt, perhaps?), but good luck with the move. We loved your Christmas card by the way.

  4. Weezie on December 11, 2012 at said:

    Ben Gibbard- Carolina. I find this song perfectly encompasses how I feel about NC, and it always makes me want to STAY instead of just visit. If you can ignore the references to abuse, this song is really amazing.

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