Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

I found a recipe on Pinterest for strawberry hot chocolate and was like, “Oh shit that sounds awesome!” until I went to the website and saw that all they did was take strawberry ice cream and heat it up over an oven. In addition to sounding disgusting I also consider it a total cop-out of an excuse for a recipe. I mean, I’m all about easy recipes that don’t take a long time, but seriously? If the entire thing is one ingredient and the only step is to “heat it up” then it is not worthy of its own space on the internet. It’s like when I try to google “spiced eggnog” and the top three recipes have “eggnog” as an ingredient. And they tell you to add cinnamon to it. Really? Thanks for the tip, douche-canoe.

Sorry, the point that I’m trying to get to is that I still thought strawberry hot chocolate sounded awesome but I was absolutely not going to heat up ice cream on the principle that that is fucking stupid. So, I made this instead. And you know what? It tastes just like warm, creamy, melted strawberry ice cream. Only a lot better. Cause I said so.

Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

Serves 4

4 cups milk

1 cup white chocolate chips

1 cup strawberry puree*

*To make the puree – just heat up some frozen strawberries in a saucepan and puree with a blender once they’ve softened and begun to bubble a bit.

Add the milk to a saucepan and stir over medium high heat until it begins to bubble. Add in the white chocolate chips and whisk until they have dissolved completely. Stir in the strawberry puree and pour into mugs. Serve with marshmallows if desired.

Print this recipe!

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6 Thoughts on “Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

  1. Oh my! What a lovely combination!

  2. Hahaha, what a fiery post! I was just about to sit down and really, for real, get some serious studying done when I clicked over here juuust in case you had posted something new. And now I’m wondering to myself, how did I ever think I could study without a steaming mug of strawberry white hot chocolate?? Looks like Prof. Wood will have to wait until after I make a quick trip to the grocery store… (:

  3. yum! happy national hot cocoa day!

  4. This looks delicious, and the entire post is hilarious. :)

  5. Kady on January 5, 2012 at said:

    Loved it!! Conveniently I had left over White chocolate and some strawberries going a bot bad that I needed to blend and shazaam, stumbled across your blog and the perfect way to use up my choc and fruit. Taste sooo yummy!
    What were they thinking it melting strawberry ice cream?!?!
    Love the blog, happy new year!

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