Sweet Potato Pierogis with Herb Butter Sauce

I am never one to get excited about winter coming. Usually, cold weather makes me mourn the loss of warm evenings and flowy sundresses. Maybe it’s because this summer was especially long and hot, or maybe it’s just because I’m a little older and more excited about saying good-bye to clothing that doesn’t hide the fact I’ve been neglecting the gym, but this year, winter couldn’t come fast enough. Sayonara bikinis! Heeelllloooooo hoodies!!!

These pierogis are everything that fall and winter are supposed to be about. Spring and summer are for fresh fruits, garden vegetables and slimming down to be in a bathing suit. Winter is meant to be filled with steamy, comforting, stick-to-your-ribs meals that can be enjoyed on the couch underneath a warm, baggy sweater. Mashed sweet potatoes stuffed in doughy little dumplings and tossed in butter? Yes please!

I first published this recipe on A Cozy Kitchen under the title of “raviolis” since that was what Giada, from whom* I stole the dough recipe, called them. Even then, I thought that ravioli wasn’t the best name given their doughy texture and dumpling-like shape, but it wasn’t until I finally had tried some pieorgis that I found a name that much more accurately described the dish. So…voila! I changed the name, but absolutely nothing else about the recipe, because that part was perfect as it was. I’m a freakin’ genius, clearly. If you need me to solve any more major world problems, please check my living room. For the next few months I’ll most likely be on my couch in some shapeless hoodie with a bowl of steaming winter food.

*Is that the proper use of whom?? Seriously, this is the one grammar lesson that just never sticks to me, which means I select “who” and “whom” by whatever “sounds right” to me, which is probably as effective as using a dart board. **

** Sorry, this had absolutely nothing to do with the recipe and just makes me seem less educated. Please disregard altogether.

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Nutty Blondie Bars

So, I’ve been back in LA for a couple weeks now. I cleaned my apartment (aka – hired a maid to clean it, but same diff), I organized all the papers in my desk, paid bills, had coffee and drinks with many friends and have almost completely caught up on my Bravo shows. You know what I definitely have NOT been doing? Exercising. Eating healthy. Brushing Honey, which has enabled her fur to effectively take over our apartment.

BTW – did you know that there are people out there who will knit things from dog fur?? If I could do that and/or if those items were things that I thought people would actually buy, I would be a millionaire. Or at least I wouldn’t have to spend money on Christmas gifts ever again. Somehow though, I don’t see my family being very excited about receiving yet another doggy fur ball necklace. Except that I would totally guilt them into it, saying, “You know that my DOG gave up her fur coat JUST FOR YOU? And she is gonna be SO DISAPPOINTED if you’re not wearing it ALL WEEKEND.”

But I digress. My point is, that in keeping with the theme of not exercising or eating healthily I made these blondies. They are delicious. They are easy to make which means almost no calories were burned in the process. And they are made from butter and sugar, meaning the most possible calories were consumed. Winner, winner.

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