Maple & Sage Sweet Potato Casserole

Alright people, listen up. I know that last week I wrote about a “lower calorie” option for Thanksgiving, but today I’m not messing around. This is a real butter, full-fat, you-only-eat-once-a-year kind of recipe. Skip breakfast, spend an extra hour at the gym, whatever you need to do, cause this one is worth it. I made this casserole for my first Thanksgiving while writing for A Cozy Kitchen, and I’m still in love with it. It has all the comfort of your standard sweet potato casserole, with the added layer of sage that really sings with each and every bite. This is undoubtedly a dish that my kids are going to be eating each year at our holiday meals.

However, I must be honest and admit that every year Chase and I have a debate on one aspect of this recipe. The potato filling is a done deal. Do not tweak, do not second-guess the proportions, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Got it? Now, when it comes to the topping, I prefer a simple mixture of nuts tossed with maple syrup and butter, but Chase is always pushing me for marshmallows. I KNOW, he’s one of those.  I calmly tell him that the person who makes the dish gets to make the final decision, and I refuse to give up control of this dish. Perhaps one year he’ll finally talk me into it, but this year you’ll still be seeing the standard nuts over the creamy potatoes. As for you – as long as you use real butter, I’m good with anything else you want to choose.

I hope you give this recipe a try, and I also hope your holiday is filled with good food, family, friends and magical times. Thanks for reading. xoxo

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Smashed Turnips with Sage and Crispy Fried Shallots

I’m realizing that Chase and I might have a carbs problem when it comes to Thanksgiving. Well, I guess it was pretty obvious after I went over the list of items that we volunteered to bring for our friend’s pot luck:

1) Sweet potatoes
2) Stuffing
3) Mac & Cheese
4) Pie

…and I’m the vegetarian of the group, ya’ll. Just think of what everyone else will be bringing to the table (literally!). I doubt there are going to be many fresh veggie items, or anything not covered in butter and/or gravy.

So I went rooting (pun!) around for a recipe that would still have all the comfort of carbs but perhaps a little less guilt. These smashed turnips hit the spot. I wouldn’t say they taste just like mashed potatoes, but they are every bit as comforting and delicious. The crispy fried shallots added just the right amount of crunch and spiced up the flavor even more. If you’re looking for a tasty way to get a little more root vegetable in your life (and who isn’t??), here is your answer! Hey, turnips are fun!!

Side note if you don’t care about calories – those crispy fried shallots are awesome all by themselves. I mean, you can kiss being good with your diet good-bye, but I wouldn’t turn down a bowl of those to snack on. Just sayin…

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Savory Baked Pumpkin Ravioli with Caramelized Onion Dip

I’m currently writing from my parents’ home in North Carolina where I’m spending the week visiting with family before Chase and I head to a wedding. It’s been nice to be reminded of how fall is actually supposed to feel like: brisk during the day with a chill at night with falling leaves covering our yard and driveway.  Los Angeles apparently hasn’t gotten the memo, since it insists on maintaining temperatures of 100 degrees or more, which ultimately led to a clothing strike in which I stated that I would only be wearing yoga pants and loose tank tops until the weather decided to change her tune. I have never in the past been a girl who looked forward to cool weather, which is one of the main reasons I moved to LA in the first place, but for the first time I find myself gazing longingly at my jeans and scarves each morning and wishing I could wear either without melting away in pool of sweat and iced coffee.

To try a different approach with the weather, as a food blogger I feel the need to offer up a recipe to the pumpkin spice gods that come around each year and pepper the internet with everything imaginable you can do with pumpkin. Admittedly this looks awfully similar to what I made last year, but I really wanted to try and find something savory to add to my recipe list; something to serve before a meal instead of after it. I realized that this was a winner after I ate so many raviolis that I had a stomach ache for an entire afternoon. Next time I’ll be sure to have friends and family around to help me clean the plate.

Alright, there’s something with pumpkin on my blog. Can you hear me, weather? It’s time to ditch those 100 degree heat waves for some chilly nights that require jackets. I hope we’ve come to an agreement on this one.

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