Smashed Turnips with Sage and Crispy Fried Shallots

I’m realizing that Chase and I might have a carbs problem when it comes to Thanksgiving. Well, I guess it was pretty obvious after I went over the list of items that we volunteered to bring for our friend’s pot luck:

1) Sweet potatoes
2) Stuffing
3) Mac & Cheese
4) Pie

…and I’m the vegetarian of the group, ya’ll. Just think of what everyone else will be bringing to the table (literally!). I doubt there are going to be many fresh veggie items, or anything not covered in butter and/or gravy.

So I went rooting (pun!) around for a recipe that would still have all the comfort of carbs but perhaps a little less guilt. These smashed turnips hit the spot. I wouldn’t say they taste just like mashed potatoes, but they are every bit as comforting and delicious. The crispy fried shallots added just the right amount of crunch and spiced up the flavor even more. If you’re looking for a tasty way to get a little more root vegetable in your life (and who isn’t??), here is your answer! Hey, turnips are fun!!

Side note if you don’t care about calories – those crispy fried shallots are awesome all by themselves. I mean, you can kiss being good with your diet good-bye, but I wouldn’t turn down a bowl of those to snack on. Just sayin…

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Veggie Noodle Soup

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of my family collectively groaning and lamenting that this recipe would be so much better if I would just add the chicken back into it. Sorry everyone, but I don’t eat chicken anymore, and my life has continued on just fine.

That being said, I have been on a quest for this soup since meats have disappeared from my diet. Chicken noodle soup used to be one of my favorite comfort foods, and it’s one of the only things that I really missed. Sure, there are vegetable noodle soups, but most of the ones you see in restaurants are catch-alls for cooks that are trying to use up vegetables that are about to go bad. Nothing I’ve ever seen has been the kind of soup that I want to curl up with on a cold day in winter.

The key to creating a great noodle soup, and the element that has caused me the most frustration, is in the broth. Most vegetable soups incorporate tomato which tends to dominate the taste and is nothing like the simple taste of a basic chicken broth. However, once I discovered Jennifer Perillo’s corn broth, I had finally found a simple base for a delicious veggie noodle soup. I made a big pot early one afternoon and ended up eating it all day long – I absolutely couldn’t get enough. It completely embodies the comfort food I’ve long been missing in the winter months, and is the perfect companion for a chilly day.

Bring it on winter. Bring. It. On.

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