The Joy of Packing

I am five days into packing for our move and it has already proven to be less fun than I thought, and I had set expectation pretty dang low. My plan to begin packing a month before our move was intended to spread out the process and hopefully ease the stress, but I’m beginning to suspect I just extended my misery.

Day 1 – Went into a shredding frenzy in an effort to clean my desk and get rid of old papers that had been piling up, only to later realize that I had shredded my most recent paycheck. Have since sworn off the shredder altogether and am clinging to every receipt, post-it and junk mail that I find. This is how hoarding starts.

Day 2 – Became overwhelmed from random items and how and/or whether or not to organize them. Do I set aside every stray battery in an effort to pack them together, or do I pack each one as I go to keep the clutter out from under my feet? Do I throw out every random pen or is that just a waste of money? Is it better to pack all Halloween items together or can I separate out a pirate sword because it’s long and would require me to put everything in a bigger box, thus forcing me to mix Halloween items with non-Halloween items? Is there a packing etiquette book I can go buy, because I’m pretty sure I’m doing it all wrong?

Day 3 -Went on a search for bubble wrap we saved from our last move, which of course we packed away at the very back of our garage. I’m sure our intentions in putting the bubble wrap behind every other item we own had a purpose originally, but after we scrounged through boxes for an hour I wanted to punch our younger selves for not leaving it in a more convenient location. Really, how terrible would it really have been to have a box of bubble wrap sitting in our living room the past four years?

Day 4 – Chase hung out with some friends and apparently mentioned that I had packed a DVD he wanted to watch, and then my friend made the mistake of repeating this information back to me. However, Chase was quick to vehemently deny ever saying such a thing, obviously realizing it was best not to anger the person who has been doing the packing while he escapes to work each day. Smart boy.

Day 5 – Realized I packed a computer cable in a box that I still needed. Was forced to open the box and re-tape it back. Felt like screaming, “Why God?!? Why?!?!”

Pray for me, friends. I’ll be back later with more news from the trenches.

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2 Thoughts on “The Joy of Packing

  1. Whisper on November 13, 2012 at said:

    Oh, I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who wishes there is a packing ettqutte book out there. :-) I moved back in March, and (as it always is) it was a stressful experience. I want to cull out things I don’t need, but I never can pack and cull at the same time, so my rule is from Tminus 1 month I just pack. Half the time I pick the wrong sized box (too big! too small! not strong enough!). I give up labeling early, and something always gets broken. The first six months after the move my life is a scavenger hunt. And yet, amoung my friends I’m considered an excellent packer.
    Be gentle with yourself. It really is okay if the pirate sword isn’t with the other Halloween items (and might be good to leave out to threaten encourage friends to help you pack.)

  2. Tere on November 13, 2012 at said:

    At least you’re packing to move into the house in NC and not out of it. After a lovely visit with your grandmother, I did come away wondering how she’ll do it!

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