The Pumpkin Dance

I really wanted to post today about biscuits, but I just haven’t been able to get my head around it. I’ve had a significant lack of sleep the last few days, and as I type these sentences I am suffering from a stomachache. Probably because I ate too much bread spider. So…trying to edit photos of biscuits when you’re sick from eating bread has just proven to be a disaster. But seriously, I’m gonna post it soon, and it’s gonna rock your socks. Cause it’s about biscuits. Be prepared.

In the meantime, this is something to get you in the Halloween spirit. Cause is there really anything that’s going to get you in the spirit better than a man dancing around in a black leotard stretched over his beer gut? I think not.

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One Thought on “The Pumpkin Dance

  1. I’m now in the Halloween spirit. You’re right it worked.

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