We’ve Been In-Vaded

We went to John Williams @ the Hollywood Bowl this past Saturday. If you’ve never been, I have to say the most magical/geeky part of the whole show is when they play Imperial March, and everyone in the audience is finally able to really let their fleak flags, I mean, light sabers, fly.

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2 Thoughts on “We’ve Been In-Vaded

  1. lindsey on October 15, 2011 at said:

    dear caroline,
    I’ve spent the past hour or so severely stalking your life through blog post… sorry if that came out creepily. my conclusion? I find you super entertaining and the facebook world is probably getting tired of being spammed with your quotes. but I decided to leave a comment because I totally went to that john williams concert and the light sabers were the best part — you might have seen our group we were the utterly hilarious nerds that made our own light sabers and thus had the first ever peach colored ones. pure genius.
    p.s. stumbleupon led me to a cozy kitchen which led me to your lovely blog. :)
    thank you for existing.
    the end.

    • Caroline on October 17, 2011 at said:

      Thanks Lindsey! That comment just made my whole day, and my head expand to twice it’s normal size, haha. But seriously, you’re awesome :)

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